Thursday, January 22, 2009

Six Month Checkup Already?????

Wow. Six month checkup. Six months have passed since Benny was born. **Funny thought, it's only been five months since he was named ;) **

Heading out to Kingston...
Having some fun in the waiting room

So we went to his doctor today, and luckily, there is a PA that works there as well. I had gone to this doctor a few months ago when Benny had a stomach problem and I really didn't like him, but hadn't yet found a new one. So anyway, there is also a PA that works there...I've marked down the days she works there and we now love Laurie the PA! (When I said I didn't really like the other doctor and if they could please mark that I always want Benny seeing Laurie, the receptionist laughed and goes 'Don't worry, we don't like him either' lol)
Since this a well-being appointment, shots were obviously involved. I prepared myself for the shrill screams I've learned to love and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome! Benny was so busy ripping the paper on the table he didn't even notice the first shot in the slightest. When the second one came around, all we got was a little 'HEY whatcha doin over there???' No screams. No cries. No tears (from either of us :) ). It was beautiful. 
We found out Benny has some excema, in true Goldsmith fashion! Time to whip out the Cetaphil!
Benny is now 17 pounds, 11 ounces and 25 1/4 inches long. That's a heckava kid to be lugging around!
On that note, Benny grabbed on to the side of Shuky's bed last night and pulled himself up completely. Did it a few times. Then he swung around and boinked his head. Cried. Got back up on that horse and tried climbing all the way onto Shuky's bed! It was adorable!! So he now sits, crawls somewhat - backwards, forwards, and in circles - and now he's pulling himself up too!

Wish me luck everyone! Looks like Benny is gonna give us a run for our money!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Benny '09

I guess my writers strike can come to an end now...things are slowly calming down, for now anyway. 

Shuky has steady work, which, needless to say, is very exciting! He loves his job which makes me love his job!

Benny is HUGE! Breaking my back huge. Can't believe he's almost six months huge. Sitting on his own huge. And he is so LOUD!!!!!!! Let's put it this way - when he starts crawling, I will never wonder where he is. 

We are still living with my mom but now that steady work is in the picture, we are really in the apartment hunting stage. 

PS Mazal tov to Bubby 'Miami' and Brian on your engagement! We're super excited for the wedding! I've been keeping my eye out for a suit for the Benster! And mazal tov to Yitzy and Mimi about Tzvi Yosef, Yossi, or TJ as I like to call the squeaky hairball!!!

Love you all, glad to be back. Hopefully you'll hear from me again soon!