Sunday, September 30, 2012

Redundant Department of Redundancy

Redundancy is the key to good blogging. Said no one. Ever.

But I'll do it anyway!

I just want to be able to stay home for the holidays and not be stressing about where in the world we are supposed to go to celebrate Simchas Torah next week. :(

There. I'll take my pity party off of repeat now!

In other news, hope you all have an awesome Succos and enjoy the gorgeous weather you will hopefully have!!

Looking forward to over-eating and getting my fill of the great outdoors before the midwestern winter comes to lock me inside!!!!

Truly missing all our family. That statement includes all the friends we love like family but don't live near. We miss you guys too!!

Chag Sameach and a shake, shake, shake!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bella's Dictionary

Lately, I've been noticing that Bella actually says a few words. She just doesn't always use them and refuses to say them if asked. So there's no convincing her to repeat something if I'm not sure what I've heard.
Here's a list of what I think she says and what I believe it means (some are self explanatory):
Doddy = doggy
Yoooo = hello
Pappy = patty cake
Poopoo = she lets me know when her diaper is dirty
Uh Oh
Done = she also uses this to ask to go down from her booster seat
Buh = book (I know, now I'm just being ridiculous, but I think she really means book!!!)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Royal Affair

I know we are about to head into Succos but my mind is totally on Purim already!! Tis the season to buy costumes, after all!

This year, the theme in Des Moines is 'London'. At first, I was totally baffled. What in the world does that entail in the realm of costumes? Ok, so Benny could easily be Big Ben. That's about as far as I got.

Then, after some google image research and asking around on some forums, I decided to attempt a go at the Royal Family.
Benny and Bella will be a prince and princess/duke and duchess sort of couple.
Shuky and I can either be another royal couple or we can be their security detail. I'm leaning more toward the security. I just feel like it will be easier to pull those costumes together than a whole ornate King/Queen type of outfit!

I kind of already have something that I was hoping to use for Shalach Manos but I may put those away for birthday parties and make something a bit more regal looking.

Anyway, if anyone sees anything awesome along these lines, or has better recommendations, send 'em my way!!! As I get things moving, I'll try to keep you posted!

On that note, I really want a sewing machine. There are so many projects I really want to do and could really get further with a machine!!
It's almost my birthday. Hint hint. Wink wink. Nod nod.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Rosh Hashana was beautiful. We had a great time! I did have a crazy head cold all yom tov but aside from that, it was lovely! The kids had fun, we had fun, there was pretty good behavior all around. Looking forward to enjoying a great new year!

We got back late last night and this morning, I took the kids to their Torah Tots class. Today's project was really cute, they made chickens for kaparos.

Not going to lie, I'm really digging this feathered dude!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shanah Tovah!!

In the midst of the rush to get out on time over here but I wanted to stop and take a minute to wish everyone a healthy and happy sweet new year, as tonight is Rosh Hashana.

May all your prayers be heard and answered.
May your easy moments from this past year be your most difficult moments of this next year.
May we only have good news to share with each other.

Enjoy all the great food you are about to consume and think of us as we will be thinking of all of you!

Shanah tovah umetukah!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer in Bullets

I'm trying very hard to motivate myself to come back here. I absolutely love blogging and there is plenty to tell but the lull in the summer (due to a lack of a computer to blog at) really left a huge crater.

My options are to pick up where we left off, albeit with a summarized version of the summer; jump over that crater and start from here and now; just kind of peter out the blog.

Obviously, the third option is not really an option. More of my inner laziness poking its head out. Don't mind me as I swat that idea out of my face!

How about a bullet list of summer highlights and then we can move on with life! Challenge accepted!!

Summer of 2012 in Kansas City, KS, in bulleted format (not specifically in chronological order):

*Benny went to CGI for four weeks. Best four weeks of everyone's summer.
*Shuky went out of town on two separate occasions. I became a hermit with the kids on those two occasions.
*We made a TON of awesome friends.
*We were extremely tight on money, having two apartments to pay for.
*Having a social life was also expensive. But worth every penny.
*We went to Chicago for a weekend for my grandparents' surprise 60th anniversary party. Had an amazing weekend. Got a gorgeous family picture.
*Also took advantage of the photographer at the party to reinact an awesome picture we have from when me and my siblings (minus Rochel) were younger (21 years ago). We are awesome and mature folks.
*Despite having no money, we managed to see quite a bit of Kansas City!
*We loved both shuls we got involved with and the communities that came with them! 
*In true Shuky & Chani Meyer, we packed our two bedroom apartment in about two days. And left our apartment sparkling clean.
*Last summer bullet: We absolutely loved our summer experience and are happy to put Kansas City high on our list of possibilities for after graduation!

Alright, summer is done. Time to move on. Because I'm a moron and put too much on my plate, about a week after getting home from KC, I went with the kids to California for a visit and relaxation. We got the visit part covered! Unfortunately, Bella was sick almost the entire time so the relaxation was not quite what I was looking for. I was able to go out almost every night but I was worried about her and actually came rushing home a few nights. I ended up taking her to the hospital (to my amazing cousin who had us in and out of the ER within 15 minutes. I know.) to find out she had horrible infections in her ears and throat. After two days on the medication, she was back to her awesome self and I had a couple great nights out til the wee morning hours with friends!!! 
At least I got some sun while there! 
No big deal but I am planning a real getaway. In my head for now. We shall see if it actually happens.

Now we face the High Holidays and I find myself dreading things, as I have unfortunately come to do since moving to the middle of nowhere. The constant traveling and being in other peoples' homes. The packing and unpacking. The difficulty of keeping up the kids' routines. We pull it off every year but I am truly looking forward to having a real place to call home, with a community that comes along with that. 

Schoolwise, Shuky is almost done with his first month back. This is his third year at ISU. :)

Benny is back at UCC, but he has moved to a different classroom this year. Last year he was a Dancing Dragon. This year he is a Tumbling Tiger. The kids are a little older and the program is free. I am super happy! We lost one day a week by putting him in the free program but it totally works for us. There is a small mommy and me program in Des Moines, called Torah Tots, that we will now get to be a part of. And Bella gets to be a part of that as well. 

Speaking of which, Bella is home with me this year. I didn't find work so Bella and I are joined at the hip. If something comes up, we will use a babysitter instead of the school. One big change with her is she is now sleeping on a twin bed in her room. No more unused crib. No more sleeping in our room. So far so good!!

And that, my friends, is where we stand. We are officially up to date with each other. I can breath again!