Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cold Blogging

Here's the thing about me. I'm an introvert. Sometimes I just need to retreat into my head and keep my space. It has happened before here, although most times, there's some sort of life change happening that keeps me away. This time it was honestly just needing space. I needed some time to myself. While I generally love blogging, this is something I do of my own accord, I just needed to pull back from all things social. I've been more quiet on FaceBook than usual as well, if that makes anyone feel better! And yes. That is me being more quiet.

I've tried coming back here to get my blog groove back but I now have a bunch of unfinished posts, some with only three sentences, some with only three words, others with half a page. None of which really make sense. All of which will be deleted.

The last time I posted was around the High Holidays. We are going to just hit 'Live' right now and scoot right up to where we are here and now.

Hi again!!

I am loving all the new organizational things I've done around the apartment and how much nicer things are looking and the better air flow we now have! And I've also worked on getting the kids rooms looking a little more lively.
 Added this great poster above Benny's bed. I have some posters to put up on the wall alongside his bed, just have to restock my stash of command strips!
And gave him an astronaut view as he launches off to sleep. It cycles through the different phases of sunlight, really cool actually!

And Bella finally got a gorgeous name sign from my beyond talented mother!! Hard to see but the decal above says 'Once Upon A Time There Was A Princess...' 
I have a couple more things that will be going up on Bella's wall opposite this, where her toys are. Just need to decide if I want to frame them or go with self-painted clothespins like I did above.

It's been pretty cold here, we got a couple inches of snow over the weekend. So that's been fun. Without the fun part. I'm pretty sure anyone that knows me is aware of my feelings toward coldness and snow and real winter. Not a big fan, just to clarify.
It's sad because the snow is actually quite gorgeous here, all sparkly and white. But then the temperature has to go and drop below zero with insane windchills (Take the -20 windchill we had yesterday. Not cool Iowa.)

Almost forgot this awesomeness, last night Shuky went out onto the porch in the crazy cold to make this awesome video of a bubble freezing!! 

Either way, we are coming up to winter break over here. As a family, we will be going to NY for a week. First time since the summer we spent there right after Bella was born. As a family, anyway. And then, when we get back, I will be escaping on my own for a few days. Heading to somewhere sunny and gloriously unwintery!!! And I. Can't. Wait. Like beyond excited and would already be packing if I could. :)

Ok, I keep getting distracted and I really want this to get posted so I'm going to go ahead and finish up over here. Until next time!