Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sleepless in Ames

With my previous pregnancy, I didn't really have many cravings. I ate things that I would not normally be crazy about, but I can't remember a whole lot of 'I need it now!' The only one I can remember was sending Shuky down to the kitchen at two in the morning to make me a peanut butter and chocolate spread sandwich. And, to be honest, I would eat that while not pregnant as well.

This past week, I have been having a very serious craving. The funny thing is, it's not something I can soothe. I am craving food from Orange Delight & Grill in Sherman Oaks, California. Any hamburger would not suffice. It needs to be theirs. Last night I barely slept. Tossing and turning, thinking about their food. I'm not lying. I'm not exaggerating. I'm ready to get on the plane. If not for my recent New York trip or the fact that we're going to Miami for Thanksgiving week, trust me on this one, there would be tickets booked by the end of the night! Anyone else out there crave anything so specific??

As the nausea slowly lifts, I am eating a little bit better and I think I'm starting to look pregnant as opposed to fat. Which is always a good thing. I found myself telling random people I was pregnant when I thought I looked particularly lumpy lately! So I'm glad it's starting to look like a baby bump!

Recently, I ordered a pair of boots from Famous Footwear. When they came, I absolutely hated them. Aside from the fact that they came dirty (!!!), they were such an unflattering fit! Needless to say, they were going back. So we packed into the car today and headed to Des Moines. I didn't find a new pair but we met up with the Feeleys at the mall and had some fun shopping. I finally used my Groupon for Gap that I got a few months back ($25 for $50 worth of merchandise) on some great things for Benny. Got him an adorable vest, some cute tshirts, and his favorite - a dinosaur winter hat. He wore it out of the store and went clomping around the mall. "I a dinosaur!" When we got home, he wouldn't take it off until I forced it off his head for dinner! He is obsessed with Dinosaur Train (a great show on PBS) so this was to be expected.

Quick rant: Why does my (and probably every) two year old feel the need to figure out all the electronics in the house and constantly make that known? He figures out everything! It's gotten to the point where we have everything on power strips that we can easily switch off when we want things left alone. Argh!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

I Said BRRR, It's Cold Out There!!

Anyone else feel like this cold weather came out of nowhere??  I'm absolutely freezing! We actually had the heat on in our apartment last night. Having Benny's freezing toes touch me just once was enough for me! Yesterday, I was literally wearing leggings and a scarf. At home.

So, my extreme nausea has been lifting lately and I feel like I'm actually able to eat and possibly keep on weight. It was nice to not have an extra four months of weight gain but it was pretty rough on the body! But, now I'm starting to look more pregnant as opposed to fat. Which is always a good thing! :)

Benny and I have been doing many projects, trying to keep busy indoors with the lovely weather outside! I surfed the online catalogs of companies like Oriental Trading, Rhode Island Novelty, and the likes. Chose a bunch of projects that look really cute and fun to make. Figured out how to make them on my own. Started stocking up our craft box. We've been doing daily projects and hanging them on the wall. I'm assuming we'll cover this one wall, if not more! We also did some sun catchers for the sliding glass doors out to the balcony. Benny LOVES doing the projects and working with the different mediums! We have finger paints, stickers, gluing/scissors projects, acrylic paints, crayons, colored pencils, etc. He goes to the wall and points to the different things and talks about them. Asks to do repeats of 'this one!' Now, I'm trying to plan our Thanksgiving projects. I need pine cones but I'm pretty sure I thought of this too late, may have to go into a craft store and actually buy them. Or come up with something else to make turkeys out of!

Painting the sun catchers, he LOVED this!!!
They look so nice! 
Benny's Aquarium :) 
Our wall of art! 

I'm not going to lie. I enjoy those projects just as much as Benny, if not more! You may notice I try to make one of my own while he makes his! He is actually standing behind me right now, yelling, "I WANT TO DO A PWAJECT (PROJECT) TODAY!!" I guess that's my sign off cue! Maybe we'll make pop-up puppets today! If anyone needs some rainy/snowy day ideas, let me know!

**UPDATE** We made puppets, not pop-ups, but fun nonetheless! Enjoy the pics below!!
Step 1: Create character and backdrop - we're making an all in one puppet show!
 Step 2: Glue to toilet paper roll. Secure with paper clips to make sure it dries properly.
 Attach large, wooden popsicle stick directly below character. I used standard school glue and reinforced with packing tape. 
Step 4: ENJOY!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Ultimate Excuse

I have a confession to make. All those times I was fishing for excuses about why my posts were so far apart, blah blah blah, I actually had a reason that I wasn't sharing.

Yesterday began my 16th week of pregnancy. As a 'writer', it's hard to write when I can't truly explain the real reasons behind the happenings! The first few months were a huge wave of nausea and, well, other fun things you probably don't want to hear about. This is one of the reasons we didn't see everyone we wanted to in New York, it was hard to commit to things without knowing how I was going to be feeling! It's slowly getting better and I'm slowly starting to feel this little baby moving around inside me! It never ceases to amaze me!

I am due right before Pesach, in April. And I mean right before! For anyone who doesn't celebrate this holiday or is not familiar with the customs involved, let me give you a quick breakdown:

Preparations for this holiday are like spring cleaning on crack.
There are a million and a half food restrictons, namely wheat products, that can not even be in sight.
It usually envolves a lot of family members. For some people, that's a blessing. For others, well, it's just not.
This is not a cheap holiday.

That's my bare bones description. Trust me, there's a whole lot more to it!

Now, last year we were in Aruba for this holiday. At an amazing hotel, right on the beach. Everything was done for us, we just said how we'd like our steaks done. We both had positions with the company running the show to cover our expenses. The first year after we got married we were in Puerto Rico. Same deal as Aruba. For the two years in between, we went to family. One year Shuky's and the next year mine. As I'm not about to have a Dutch baby, Aruba is out of the question for this year. And, because of insurance issues (and a few other things), it looks like we will be in Postville for Pesach of 2011. Either with a new baby in tow or ready to go at any second!

Anyway, now that the cat's out of the bag, expect more regular postings on my side. And if I miss the mark still, I will expect the same undying devotion on your side. ;)

Excited to share this news with you all!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

**Knock, knock** Anyone In There??

I know. It happens every time. I start out with the sincere apologies, promise to be better. It never happens. I guess at this point in my life, my blog is not fated to be updated daily. I will, though, try for more often than once a month!! No guarantees.

So, New York was hard but amazing. Benny was completely pulled out of his element and decided to have a ball with that. And by that I mean torture me. I'm talking no bedtime. Endless amounts of tantrums. Demanding he have what he wants. And, of course, still getting up early, asking for "dinner" (still trying to explain to him that the morning meal is breakfast and dinner is at night!). He was the king of the nest, and treated as such by family and friends. Therefor, he expected the same treatment from me! Guess what kid, it ain't happening! We didn't see everyone we wanted to see but it happens. Next time, hopefully, Shuky will be with me and it will be easier. I can make solid plans instead of a lot of tentatives!

We've been back for almost a week now. Still not back on schedule. He was sick when we came back, just a cold and cough. He got better over the weekend. Came back with a vengeance on Sunday afternoon. We are still dealing with it. At this point, because of all the coughing, he sounds like a squeaky little girl. Make that a whiny, squeaky little girl. And he doesn't let go of me. And, unless he is in the bath, he is in mega kvetch mode!

Today, to distract him, we did some sticker projects. He LOVED it! So tonight, at WalMart, I restocked our art supply, have a few fun projects in mind for the next few weeks. Hopefully we get to them!

And the best news of the week, we are going to Miami for Thanksgiving week! Shuky has the whole week off from school so we are going out Sunday afternoon for wedding vow renewals by his cousins (can't wait!!) and coming home Friday morning. It will be very nice to have the entire family on vacation! The last time we were in Florida was for my mother-in-law's wedding. Benny was about six months old, I believe. It will be nice for him to see the family, nice for everyone to be able to see the character he has become! Here's to hoping this trip is more successful with him!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Bags Are Packed...

Ok, I lied. They are half packed. And I'm ignoring them for the time being. In case you're wondering what I'm packing for, my mother and stepfather are bringing Benny and me out to visit for two weeks. Starting tomorrow. And we are UBER excited!!! It's been a very long time since we've been to Brooklyn, the last time was our disaster of a road trip!

I know I've been quiet for a while here. I apologize, as usual. It's been a long month!

I don't really have much time now to write either, unfortunately, but I wanted to share something funny that happened this afternoon with Benny. We were on our way home from TJ Maxx (emergency suitcase shopping trip!) and he was having a full blown tantrum in the car. I'm talking screams that make you want to just jump out of the moving vehicle to avoid the horrible sound! Not stopping for breaths. Mid-scream, he noticed a boat on the back of a pickup truck next to us. Mid-scream, he calmly says, "Mommy, you see that boat? Wow!" Gives me the chance to respond with a quick, "Yeah, I see it!!" Picks up right where he left off and finishes that scream he was in middle of. Persistence is the key?

He has been singing airplane songs all day so I'm taking the liberty of assuming he's excited about tomorrow's trip as well. :)