Friday, June 17, 2011


Just wanted to share something adorable Benny said this morning to me, a special tidbit that didn't make it to Facebook. Until I share this link :)

One of the things we've been trying to do is get a few of the small things that Benny has in his room at home, trying to make him more comfortable here, hoping he'll stop asking to go home while we're here!

One of his favorite night time reads is a book called Sleepyhead, a cute little story about a kid who wants 'one more kiss, one more hug...' before going to sleep. Benny knows this book by heart. I can start the line and he can finish the page. 

I found it on Amazon and ordered it, hoping to surprise him tonight by reading it at bedtime.

He saw it on my bed this morning, while I was straightening up the room. His reaction was beyond amazing. One of those times I wish I was recording everything on secret, hidden cameras everywhere!

Benny, upon seeing the book, eyes wide: "MOMMY IT'S MY SLEEPYHEAD BOOK!!!!!"
After a second of contemplation: "Mommy, I didn't bring it with me."
Another second of thought: "Mommy, my room sent it to me!!!!!"

I love this boy. Truly, madly, deeply.

A New Day Has Come

Yesterday, both of us were up early, as were both kids. Shuky asked me out on a breakfast date. We left the kids with my mom (love that I can do that!!) and ran a few blocks away to the bagel shop and had a nice, quiet breakfast. Got myself a huge iced coffee. It was so nice!!

Somehow, the rest of the day was great too! Benny was extremely well behaved. Later, I went with my brother, mother, and my kiddos to an outdoor shopping strip. Got a few nice things for myself at Old Navy, got a few cute things for Bella at Marshalls (I truly love finding steals!!), Benny was still behaving nicely! The rest of the day went pretty well. Bath and bed time went quite smoothly. Benny got a new book that I ordered a while back, he loved it! It was about a little boy who is very quiet during the day and becomes a superhero when the clock hits midnight, called Eliot Jones, Midnight Superhero. Very cute book!!

Today was not quite as smooth, but all things considering, not too bad.

Have a good shabbos to one and all, enjoy your weekend!

PS I can't believe my baby is already two and a half months old!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

**Insert Screams Here**

I love my son. I really do. He really likes to test that, though. See if he can find the point that tips the scale the other way. When he started having attitude at around 18 months, easing his way into his terrible twos, I figured it would work its way out of his system earlier on the other side of the spectrum. Maybe by the time we hit three, he'd be nice and calm and have leveled out all the craziness.

I was wrong.

In all honesty, I don't want anyone's advice on how to deal with it. Each child is so different, what worked with one kid may have no effect whatsoever on the next. As I watch friends handling their children, I may envy the way their kids listen, but at the end of the day, I have to do what works with Benny. Not that I've figured that out yet, obviously, or I wouldn't be complaining right now! Complaining is a strong word. I hate complaining. I'm venting. Hence the 'no advice necessary' sign posted on my forehead. Just getting the strong need to scream out of my system. Thanks for listening.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Good News :)

Sometimes they say no news is good news. In this case, no news was expensive but worth every penny. I was waiting to hear back on the results of Bella's urine culture. They do a two day culture as well as the instant. They let it sit in a petri dish and see if any bacteria grows, something fun like that. The two day is more acurate than the instant so it has the final say. The antibiotics were prescribed as a 'just in case'.

I called this morning to see the result of the two day culture and there was no news yet. I went and filled the prescription, just in case. Being that we are out of state, our prescriptions are not covered. Needless to say, this was quite an expensive medication. You do what you need to do as a parent.

About an hour ago, the result of the culture came through. No UTI. Was probably a virus that has passed through her system already. Don't continue the antibiotics.

The knowledge that she's ok, no need for further testing to see why my little baby got a UTI, all systems are go, all that made the large bill easier to swallow.

Have a nice weekend and a great Shabbos!

Cheesy Times

Let's quickly get up to speed here.

Benny is no longer in daycare, the teacher felt he was fighting the structure of the schedule too much and it wasn't fair to him or the kids who were already settled. There were only a few weeks left to her program. He's back home with me for right now. Not sure what's going to happen. In the meantime, I took the money from the half of the week he didn't go for and bought some new toys for him to have while home with me.

Shuky is still happily working, thank G-d!!!

Bella is still over-achieving in her head lifting abilities. :)

And I am just here.

So, Shavuos is over and with it came too much excitement in this house. Tuesday morning, Bella woke up with swollen gums. Starting teething at 9 weeks, sounds like something she would do! Very fussy all day, just kept her in my moby wrap and she was fine. Shavuos preparations continued, I just wasn't able to leave the house at all. No biggie. A little before 3, she developed a light fever. 99.3, nothing huge but I gave her tylenol. Our meal that night was nice, no guests. Around 11:15, I checked on Bella and her fever had gone up to 101.9! We called Hatzalah, a local volunteer ambulance squad, and they came to take us to the hospital. Benny stayed behind with my mother, asleep since 7!

When we got to the hospital, her fever had gone up to 102.2. They gave her more tylenol and started an IV line in her hand, they had to do a blood test and they didn't want to have to poke her extra if anything else needed to be done. They needed a urine sample so my little baby girl had to get a catheter. It was all very hard to watch, but thankfully, we were already past the 8 week mark so a spinal tap was not on the menu! They determined that she had a UTI (urinary tract infection)(!!!), gave her a dose of antibiotics and sent us home around 6:30, with the following two days worth of doses and a prescription in hand. We walked into the house as Benny was waking up, who, adorably enough, immediately asked where his Bella and went running to say hi to her!

The past few days have been a blur of exhaustion. Bella is doing much better, thank G-d! She is back to her bubbly, smiley self. I was even able to go to shul with her on Thursday, but I kept her in the stroller the whole time, keeping little fingers away.

And somehow, in all the heat, Benny managed to get a cold.

This morning, I am off to fill her prescription, get Benny a new pair of shoes, venture out into the sauna that is Brooklyn, maybe get a nice, iced coffee. And Shabbos could not be coming at a better time! :)