Friday, June 10, 2011

Good News :)

Sometimes they say no news is good news. In this case, no news was expensive but worth every penny. I was waiting to hear back on the results of Bella's urine culture. They do a two day culture as well as the instant. They let it sit in a petri dish and see if any bacteria grows, something fun like that. The two day is more acurate than the instant so it has the final say. The antibiotics were prescribed as a 'just in case'.

I called this morning to see the result of the two day culture and there was no news yet. I went and filled the prescription, just in case. Being that we are out of state, our prescriptions are not covered. Needless to say, this was quite an expensive medication. You do what you need to do as a parent.

About an hour ago, the result of the culture came through. No UTI. Was probably a virus that has passed through her system already. Don't continue the antibiotics.

The knowledge that she's ok, no need for further testing to see why my little baby got a UTI, all systems are go, all that made the large bill easier to swallow.

Have a nice weekend and a great Shabbos!

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mommy said...

BH, happy to hear little gorgeous Bella is fine. Good Shabbos to all of you!