Sunday, February 19, 2012

Green Bean Goo

The past couple of weeks have been slightly hectic around here. No special reason, just because that's how life sometimes plays out!

My sister came out to visit for a couple days. We had a quick visit to California (just me and the kids) for about a week. Later this week we head out to Florida for a long weekend. Spring break is right around the corner, we'll see where that leads us!

Current works in progress on my desk: Florida trip and Purim.
On the corner of the desk, daring me to look: The hunt for a summer apartment in Kansas City. Short-term, furnished, wish me luck.

Let's bring you up to speed quickly here, as I don't have too much time!

We have two walking kids here. One slow, sometimes hanging off my skirt. The other WAY too fast.
One kid in diapers and the other having accidents once in a while.
There is a custom made Mitzvah Chart headed our way to solve the latter of that statement, thanks to my friend and her awesome Etsy shop!
Little boy is sticking to his schedule very nicely. Little girl is really trying to find the end of my limitations when it comes to lack of sleep.

I decided to let Bella feed herself tonight. She is now sleeping peacefully in her highchair, covered in green bean goo. Not an inch left clean. If I knew where my phone was, I'd be posting pictures. As soon as I email myself the pics from Shuky's phone, I will put them here. She is delicious!