Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beautiful Wedding!

What a beautiful wedding last night! It was really nice getting to see everyone and I was even able to eat most of the food (yay for crazy diets). Benny looked adorable in his suit but its getting really small already! It's 6-9 months so I guess its time for a new one!

Anyway, we've been doing a whole lot of nothing. It's amazing! Benny and I walk on the canal every day. He's been in his pool twice now with water, too cold on most days for that though. Today he played in it without the water...had SO much fun!

The Schwartz's have a new dog, Boomer. Every time Benny sees him he gets super excited, kicking hois legs, squealing in delight! Hillarious!

Loved seeing everyone.

Have a sunny one!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hello Floridaaaaaaaaa

We're here. I realized this will probably throw off the alergy testing I've been doing. The humidity will make Benny's system act differently...I guess we get a little bit longer of this whole 'barely eating' thing! Except that he got this horrible cold from the change in temperature, it was snowing as we boarded our plane at JFK.
We had a baby pool sent here before we came, Benny loves it. Loves. Loves. Loves! 
The weather here is gorgeous! We walked to Walmart yesterday. Oh Walmart, how I've missed you! It felt like I was home again!!! Then we continued on to the little mall and across the street to the kosher meat market. Got some amazing food that I could actually eat and Shuky made an awesome dinner!!!!!

PS Benny is really starting to imitate you. It's so adorable!

Good shabbos to one and all!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Some Kind of Silly

So apparently we have some internal alarm that goes off. Right before we are supposed to take a big trip we move. Or maybe we can only move when there's something big coming up. Either way, we're in the new place and Benny and I are working very hard on getting unpacked so we can repack for our two week trip to Florida on Wednesday.
Our last move was the week before Pesach and it wouldn't have been such a big deal...we were going to Florida anyway. But we had promised our house out to friends so that pushed us to fully unpack right away!
And when we moved into our first house right after we got married, we had guests over for Shabbos meals so we had to toivel everything and unpack then too...gotta have the house looking nice! And then on Sunday we left to Florida for two weeks.
I figured it out...we can only move if there is a trip to Florida right after the work! Sounds good to me!!! :)

Off to unpacking land! Got Benny sleeping in his wrap, holding onto me...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

'Bigger' and Better Things

Ok so it may not be bigger but we found ourselves a place. It's a walk-in basement. Well it's actually above ground too so I guess we can call it the first floor of a house...two bedrooms, one bathroom. Nice and cozy! Yay! We are moving in tonight, hopefully. Shuky is pulling our suitcases out of some dark hole as we speak, so we can pack our room. Seems to be a lot of stuff now that it all has to be packed but up until now it seemed as if we had so little here...everything is in our boxes in Postville still!
Speaking of which, we're still trying to decide what to do with that stuff! Probably going to end up renting a storage unit out here so we can pull out what we need and replace with what we don't as time goes by. Then, when we get a normal apartment, we'll have everything here and ready to go!
So Wednesday is Florida day. Very exciting! It will be very nice not having to wear a million layers or smush Benny into his coat and hat! 
Benny now waves by the way. Not sure if he realizes he's waving but it's slowly starting to happen at the right times, but it's adorable! He also puts his hand up against his mouth to make that 'Wa-Wa-Wa' sound...until now he's been using every other possible surface!

Ok suitcases have arrived. Off to pack. Yet again. 

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fun Little Tidbits

So, I just wanted to give you a quick insight into the fun times of Benny Meyer.

Benny is now moving across the floor at quite a fast pace. Still not on all fours, but he's using all fours, which I see as a good start!

He claps now. When he's happy or sad. When we play and when he gets yelled at (yes, we yell!). When we sing Modeh Ani in the morning. When he wakes up from his nap. If you haven't quite understood, he's ALWAYS clapping now! It's really cute!

Tonight he found the power switch on his jumperoo. Not sure if he will remember it next time but he had a lot of fun turning the music on and off and he was jumping around!

He is so much fun to play with these days...not that he wasn't before, but now his interaction is on this really cute level, as if he actually understands what is going on in the games we play. It's amazing!

Ah, and now we can get to the best part of the story. Benny is ALWAYS congested, he snores at night, he snorts all the time. So I took him to the doctor. Being that he's a Meyer, I'm keeping a close watch on the possibility of Asthma coming to play so as he gets older and this snortyness isn't going away, I get more and more worried. His doctor feels that it may be a reaction to something I am eating. I have been off of all dairy for over four months now. Dr. Fun decided it's time for me to pull some more out of my diet: no wheat, soy, corn, eggs, fish, nuts.
Basically, I'm really hungry.

Love you all, can't wait to see people in Florida soon!!!
Good night!