Friday, February 20, 2009

Hello Floridaaaaaaaaa

We're here. I realized this will probably throw off the alergy testing I've been doing. The humidity will make Benny's system act differently...I guess we get a little bit longer of this whole 'barely eating' thing! Except that he got this horrible cold from the change in temperature, it was snowing as we boarded our plane at JFK.
We had a baby pool sent here before we came, Benny loves it. Loves. Loves. Loves! 
The weather here is gorgeous! We walked to Walmart yesterday. Oh Walmart, how I've missed you! It felt like I was home again!!! Then we continued on to the little mall and across the street to the kosher meat market. Got some amazing food that I could actually eat and Shuky made an awesome dinner!!!!!

PS Benny is really starting to imitate you. It's so adorable!

Good shabbos to one and all!

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