Saturday, March 28, 2009

Long Time No Speak!

It's been a while since I've written anything on here. Been a hectic month! We are in the new place for a few weeks and we are LOVING it. We had a great time staying with my mom but everyone needs their own space eventually, so it was time. Benny can crawl around freely here and he even gets his own room! Granted, he doesn't sleep in it yet. But hey, he has his own room and that's all that matters! We are slowly getting it set up as a fun room for him. Pulled out the pool we got for Florida, going to make him a ball pit. Got some cute things to hang on the wall. Clothes hanging in his closet. Working on getting a bed in there for guests as well. All sorts of fun stuff!
And we are back to having Shabbos guests again! Yay! Not that we didn't enjoy being 'guests' or anything, but it's nice to be able to invite people again!
Anyway, Benny is huge now. He's eight months old and doing tons of adorable things! We just borrowed some big kid toys from Yitzy and Mimi and he can't get enough of them! He's a little unstable on the walking toy but he's getting the hang of it slowly. The musical table is amazing, he is obsessed with it!!!
And of course, he gets into EVERYTHING! I find him between the couches, under the table, in the case of seltzer, on the bookshelf thing...nothing is safe from the Benny Monster!!!
Alright, we have friends coming over now so I gotta run. Just wanted to get on here and put down a few thoughts, maybe throw in a picture or two. Just say hi and..oh wait. ME AND BENNY ARE COMING TO CALIFORNIA FOR TWO WEEKS! After Pesach. Shuky can't take off more work and Benny needs to meet the family in California already. So yay!

Alright, hugs and kisses to all!