Thursday, December 20, 2012

Post-Chanukah Wrap Up

We went away for the last few nights of Chanukah so I wasn't able to do my nightly posting but we can do a quick wrap up before we move onto the blizzard that is going on right now!

We spent the weekend in Kansas City, our home away from home. It was great seeing all our friends, getting to go out to parties, some for the family and some adults only. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so no pictures to share.

We had so much fun that we will actually be heading back there for the next week as well, Benny is going to go to the CGI Winter Camp. Well, I will still be home working but Shuky will be taking the kids for the week so Benny can get the experience!

And now I'm off to go through the pictures I got during the storm last night. Hopefully I've got some nice ones to share so keep an eye out for my next post!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fifth Night Specials

Tonight was the fifth night of Chanukah, for those of you not keeping track. Shuky had his last final from 4:30 - 6:30. I kept the kids up, let them do presents early (they opened them while doing a video chat with my mom, tonight's gift sponsor!) and was waiting at school to pick him up when he finished. He surprised us and brought a classmate to the car to come home and light menorah with us. The kids were both super excited! We have been a bit deprived this Chanukah, what with it being finals week and all, we just haven't made it to any of the events in Des Moines!

 And so begins my nightly Chanukah barrage of pictures. 

Benny and Bella had a blast showing him all their newest presents while Shuky set things up.

Benny did a spectacular job of saying the brachos almost entirely on his own, song and all! 

Bella lit nicely! 

Shuky lit nicely!

D, the classmate, lit nicely!

 It was so nice having a guest!! D is an exchange student here for a semester abroad, from Sydney, Australia. Benny heard that and asks, "Like the Sydney Opera House? They do plays and shows there!!"

We all sang together and, in honor of the fifth night, we gave out some real gelt and chocolate gelt. Benny immediately asked where the tzedakah box was to put it in. He wanted to do a mitzvah to help put a brick on the mikdash hashlishi. The kid really amazes me. On a regular basis. I'll go into that a bit more after Chanukah, the mitzvah/moshiach topic that is. He is obsessed.

 The kids played a nice, safe game of climbing in and out of Benny's nightstand (a storage ottoman) while getting ready for bed.

Enjoy. Love you all. Miss everyone. Wish we had some family around for the holiday.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Four Score

I think my kids may be going into a Chanukah-present induced coma over here! Serious overload on the awesomeness that is unwrapping a present!

Tonight, Shuky surprised me by having presents for me. We don't usually buy each other Chanukah presents. Ever since we had kids, it just sort of happened. We decided to eat dinner a little earlier tonight, not that our dinner could get much earlier without being considered lunch. Anyway, while we were sitting at the table, a little girl from down the hall knocked on the door and motioned for Shuky to follow her out. A minute later, he walks back in with the UPS guy and his cart full of boxes for us. Apparently, yesterday Shuky chatted up the UPS guy and convinced him not to let me get my hands on the boxes. So when he got to our floor, he turned to the kids in the elevator with him and asked if they know us. Then he sent them to get Shuky. I absolutely love the UPS guys that deliver to our building.

Anyway, he got me perfect gifts. The kids got perfect gifts. We had a delicious dinner and a beautiful menorah lighting. And I've got plenty of pictures to prove it!

Bringing everyone over for lighting time


Dancing and singing

Four more

These next three shots are a group.
I wonder what it is

Literally was jumping for joy here

Could not get his excited words out fast enough

A baby!!!

Ripped that baby out of the box as if baby's very life depended on it

Good night fireman.

Monday, December 10, 2012

And Then Came Night Three

Again, not going to say much, going to let my pictures do the talking. As horrible as the lighting is in our apartment, the pictures still seem to be doing ok portraying our Chanukah experience this year :)

Our daily cookie decorating - very intense concentration required!

Notice the cookie bulge in her cheek.

Cookie eating and decorating simultaneously!


"I think I'll wear this every day!"

Big enough to light alone!

Watching the lighting from a safe distance.

Chanukah, night three

Little lights aglow

Super excited about his Chanukah craft kit!

Elmo puzzle reaction :)

Enjoying his awesome presents

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chanukah Pictures

Benny learned a Chanukah song with me over Shabbos and sang it at the top of his lungs through Walmart today. We are just totally in Chanukah mode over here! Benny was wondering if we could possibly light after breakfast this morning instead of waiting for night time.

Anyway, I have some cleaning to do and family to catch up with so I'm just gonna lay it on thick with the pictures today. Enjoy!

Enjoying her color-me chanukah cookie

Enchanted by her Elmo tattoo 


Lighting in undies. That's just how we roll.

I love Bella creeping in the picture, watching her brother!


Look at her expression lol!

Chanukah festivities are so much fun!

The lights of our menorahs are shining on our friends and family :)

We decided to move it over to in front of the window.

"It knows your name Bella!!"

I wish you could all have seen his face when he realized he was getting a LeapPad.

Blurry, but still worth posting.

Everyone enjoying their technology