Monday, December 3, 2012


If you sat back and truly watched what your kids are doing, I think you would be amazed at what you will see. Kids are totally conditioned into their daily routine, whether it's the routine you have planned or one you tend to default to!

For instance, let's talk about Bella, my 20 month old daughter. She wakes up and instantly asks for breakfast. Will not consider anything else. Straps herself into her booster seat and yells til she is served her daily cereal and milk. And that comes with it's own specifics. She has her bowl with the built in straw. And she usually slurps all the milk out, at least twice, before getting to the cereal part.

She knows that after dinner, she goes straight to the bath. So she asks for her bath when she's done eating. And goes straight to the tub, leaning over to feel the water temperature. And then she knows, bath time leads to brushing teeth. Which leads to sitting on the toilet. And then on to getting pj'd up. And then we do shema.

And then she runs out of the room, plops herself on the couch, and asks for TV.

Turns out, I've been letting her watch TV more often than I realized, so Benny would go to sleep nicely and she wouldn't run in there to chat with her.

Tonight, I offered her the leapster instead. She took it. I'm obsessed with her.
A second before I snapped the pic, she had her feet crossed at the ankle.

Now let's talk Benny. I won't even go into how he has been conditioned into working with our routine. I just want to mention how much he picks up without us even realizing it. Shuky took him to Best Buy the other day and he was giving them his phone number. Benny pipes in with, "Hey, that's Mommy's number!!" Our numbers are the same until the last two digits. Then he rattled off my number. Just from hearing me give it to people over time, he knows my number and was able to recognize it. Dude. I can barely remember numbers that I stare at. On a regular basis. 

The moral of today's post is that I need the brain juices that toddlers have.

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