Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beautiful Aquarium!

Yesterday we drove to Long Beach, to the Aquarium of the Pacific. What a gorgeous place! Benny had sooooo much fun! He got so excited with each new tank, he leaned up against the glass and tried to grab all the fishies swimming by! Shrieks and all! Some Asian woman at one of the tanks got so excited by his excitement, she started taking pictures of Benny instead of the fish! Lol! We watched a 3-D video of fish and how our world affects theirs. Benny wore my 3-D glasses and loved it!

Then we drove over to 4215 Gaviota Ave, where we lived until I was 9. So fun taking a trip down memory lane, so many great things to remember...karate lessons, the liquor store where we used to get Laffy Taffys...

On the way home, we stopped at Orange Delight of course. Amazing food always.

Benny got a lovely rash that kept getting worse so we had to go out later that night to Walgreens for some Benadryl. This morning, the rash looked much better and now it's almost gone!

Today we went for mani/pedis and then out to lunch. Afterward, we went to pick up Ronen from school and headed to the mall to hang out. A few hours later, we headed to Tia Miriam's house for a poolside pit-fire/barbeque and a good old hang-out with the aunts and great-aunts and Great Bobbe!

And now, we are winding down as people pack and say good-bye. Not to us. We are still sticking around for another week!

Have a good night.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun Fun Fun!!

Shabbos was very nice. Motzei Shabbos we went into the city for some Pizza World fun.
Yesterday was awesome! We went to Zuma Beach for a few hours. First of all, it's been just about a million years since I've been to Zuma. Secondly, the drive is amazing, all the gorgeous houses. The men selling Bonsai trees on the side of the road. Amazing! So, we get to Zuma and it's a bit chilly but nice and sunny. The water was FREEZING!!! Like, putting-your-feet-in-the-water-hurts freezing! We all hung out. Rochel was brave enough to go all the way in. The rest of us had sweatshirts on and wrapped ourselves in blankets!
We saw so many dolphins playing in the water, literally feet from the people surfing! So cool!!
We were joking around about how freaky it must be to see a fin go up all of a sudden in front of you! Tia Miriam started saying how you know there are sharks when you see a sea lion, that's what the sharks eat. All of a sudden, I see a sea lion pop its head up. Rochel was treying to convince us that it was a bald black man. We followed the bobbing head until we got a better view. Turns out I was right, it was a sea lion. But no shark sightings to report!
Rochel and I tossed around the pigskin a bit, while standing in the wet sand obviously!
Benny loved the beach! Ate tons of sand of course. But what's a trip to the beach without some sand ingestion, right? He was crawling all over the place, super happy! He loved all the seagulls too. He got so excited when they came close to eat our bread! So adorable! The water was too cold for him, but I put his toes in the sand after the water came up.
After the beach, benny and I dropped everyone off at their homes and went to the city to visit Aliyah and pick up Uncle Shmuly...for AUNTY ROCHEL'S BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!
But first, Benny needed a bath to get all the sand out of his tushie. Guess what, HE GOT HIS FIRST TOOTH!!!!
Rochel's party was A BLAST! We had a salad bar, hot dogs, chicken, tons of yummy food! We had a karaoke showdown, with four generations singing! So much fun!!! It was great seeing everyone, we make a fun, crazy bunch!
Missing Shuky tons! Benny is missing his Tatty!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good Morning California!

Aaah. The deliciousness of waking up to gorgeous weather in Sherman Oaks. This is the life!
Benny didn't sleep too well last night but I was expecting that. With a 6 hour flight and 3 hour time difference, I'm surprised he slept at all!
Of course we went straight to Orange Delight from the airport! Thanks Shmoozle! Benny and I shared a Southwest Chicken Salad! Shmuly offered me a menu, and I was like, "Pu-leeeeze! As if I need a menu here!!!"  ;)
Anyway, the house is now quiet. Everyone is off to work and school and Benny is finally sleeping! Gonna go enjoy my first day here in heaven!

Ciao ciao.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We're Offffffffffffff!

Benny and I are heading to the West Coast in a few hours. Gotta show love to all our Cali peeps! :)
Two weeks of definite warm weather. Possibly a beach or two. No coats. Ahhhhh. I can handle that!

Will try and keep writing all through the trip, gonna hopefully get my pics up too!

Hasta La Manana!!!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I don't have too much to write. Pesach was nice. We stayed in my mom's building. Did some of the meals by her, ate the rest out between a few families. 

Benny and Shuky both got strep Motzei Yom Tov. Shuky actually had it all through the second days but we didn't get to the doctor until Friday morning. That was alot of fun!

Benny and I are now busy preparing for our trip on Wednesday to California. Yay!!!!! Working on unpacking everything from Pesach, getting all the laundry done, and then to repack it all, minus Shuky's clothes. 

Oh, and both of our strollers have officially broken. My big one is still under warranty so hopefully all the parts will be here when I get back...my car seat stroller is a hand-me-down (thanks Melissa!!!) so Shuky is going to hopefully figure out a way to fix that. 

Ok, I'm tired, have a ton of stuff to do, and not really in the mood to do any of it so I leave with this: I need yet another thing to be hooked on so HELLOOOOOO TWITTER!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Matzah Day!

Wherever you may be, the youngest NY Meyers would like to wish one and all a kosher and freilichen pesach. We will be in Crown Heights :( - no fancy hotel this year. As soon as Pesach is over, I'm getting us jobs at a hotel for next year! Lol!

It's been an eventful month already and we're just in the beginning!! 

Benny got a highchair finally. 

Rochel joined us at the park on one of our many trips and got to experience Benny's frantic arm-and-leg-kicking and shrieks of excitement while watching all the kids run around!! It's hilarious!!

On Sunday we went with Sruly and the kids to Central Park (to walk off our delicious lunch :) )and we got some awesome shots! And had a bunch of fun too! We put Benny down and he was OFF! Could not get him to sit still for anything! Except for the dog :). I have to upload some more pictures but here's a sneak peak! 

Oh. Almost forgot. We are training Benny to sleep in his own bed so the last few nights have been uber fun. And I mean uber. I can't remember the last time I felt this exhausted. Kudos to all you parents who have done this before. At least we can now see a light at the end of our sleepless tunnel! Hopefully this new not-having-Benny-attached-to-me-at-night thing will help him sleep longer. Keep your fingers crossed!

Love to all. Good night.

**Update**I apologize, we went to Prospect Park, not Central Park! Thank you to reader Shuky Meyer for pointing out that mistake and writing a Letter to the Editor! :)