Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Matzah Day!

Wherever you may be, the youngest NY Meyers would like to wish one and all a kosher and freilichen pesach. We will be in Crown Heights :( - no fancy hotel this year. As soon as Pesach is over, I'm getting us jobs at a hotel for next year! Lol!

It's been an eventful month already and we're just in the beginning!! 

Benny got a highchair finally. 

Rochel joined us at the park on one of our many trips and got to experience Benny's frantic arm-and-leg-kicking and shrieks of excitement while watching all the kids run around!! It's hilarious!!

On Sunday we went with Sruly and the kids to Central Park (to walk off our delicious lunch :) )and we got some awesome shots! And had a bunch of fun too! We put Benny down and he was OFF! Could not get him to sit still for anything! Except for the dog :). I have to upload some more pictures but here's a sneak peak! 

Oh. Almost forgot. We are training Benny to sleep in his own bed so the last few nights have been uber fun. And I mean uber. I can't remember the last time I felt this exhausted. Kudos to all you parents who have done this before. At least we can now see a light at the end of our sleepless tunnel! Hopefully this new not-having-Benny-attached-to-me-at-night thing will help him sleep longer. Keep your fingers crossed!

Love to all. Good night.

**Update**I apologize, we went to Prospect Park, not Central Park! Thank you to reader Shuky Meyer for pointing out that mistake and writing a Letter to the Editor! :)

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BobbiStorm said...

You haven't updated the blog since Benny wet kissed the strange dog named "lola"