Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beautiful Aquarium!

Yesterday we drove to Long Beach, to the Aquarium of the Pacific. What a gorgeous place! Benny had sooooo much fun! He got so excited with each new tank, he leaned up against the glass and tried to grab all the fishies swimming by! Shrieks and all! Some Asian woman at one of the tanks got so excited by his excitement, she started taking pictures of Benny instead of the fish! Lol! We watched a 3-D video of fish and how our world affects theirs. Benny wore my 3-D glasses and loved it!

Then we drove over to 4215 Gaviota Ave, where we lived until I was 9. So fun taking a trip down memory lane, so many great things to remember...karate lessons, the liquor store where we used to get Laffy Taffys...

On the way home, we stopped at Orange Delight of course. Amazing food always.

Benny got a lovely rash that kept getting worse so we had to go out later that night to Walgreens for some Benadryl. This morning, the rash looked much better and now it's almost gone!

Today we went for mani/pedis and then out to lunch. Afterward, we went to pick up Ronen from school and headed to the mall to hang out. A few hours later, we headed to Tia Miriam's house for a poolside pit-fire/barbeque and a good old hang-out with the aunts and great-aunts and Great Bobbe!

And now, we are winding down as people pack and say good-bye. Not to us. We are still sticking around for another week!

Have a good night.

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BobbiStorm said...

The liquor store on the corner? Is that still there?