Monday, April 20, 2009

I don't have too much to write. Pesach was nice. We stayed in my mom's building. Did some of the meals by her, ate the rest out between a few families. 

Benny and Shuky both got strep Motzei Yom Tov. Shuky actually had it all through the second days but we didn't get to the doctor until Friday morning. That was alot of fun!

Benny and I are now busy preparing for our trip on Wednesday to California. Yay!!!!! Working on unpacking everything from Pesach, getting all the laundry done, and then to repack it all, minus Shuky's clothes. 

Oh, and both of our strollers have officially broken. My big one is still under warranty so hopefully all the parts will be here when I get car seat stroller is a hand-me-down (thanks Melissa!!!) so Shuky is going to hopefully figure out a way to fix that. 

Ok, I'm tired, have a ton of stuff to do, and not really in the mood to do any of it so I leave with this: I need yet another thing to be hooked on so HELLOOOOOO TWITTER!!!!!!!!!!

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