Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hurricane Meyer

I'm going to pretend we are totally current with each other. Too many things to catch up on. All thats truly important is we are in our new apartment and loving it! (Yes, I know I already told you that. Be quiet.)

Most of the unpacking is done, we have very few boxes left.

This week is finals week for Shuky and then we go into vacation time. Cue fireworks and awesome theme song. Maybe 'Eye of the Tiger'.

We don't have huge plans for our glorious three weeks. We will enjoy Chanukah and the events being offered. We are going to Kansas City for a long weekend, just a nice getaway to uncharted territory. Short-ish driving distance. We will also be doing a shabbos in Des Moines and enjoy a bar mitzvah.

Otherwise, we will just hang out, finish up the last few boxes, do some organizing, maybe even get some decorating started!

In the meantime, both kids have been sick for a couple days now, although Benny is back in school already. But our home is definitely showing the side effects. Laundry to be done, forget about the clean baskets waiting to be folded. Dishes are finally under control. I've been ignoring the mess in the playroom, much to the dismay of the OCD person in me.

To make up for the mess inside, I've been taking an extra step to look put together when I drop off Benny. The sad thing is, the smallest amount of effort seems like a huge change worth mentioning to the people around me. I need to reconsider my morning routine if this is all it takes!!! :)

My computer is still not set up so my posting is limited to my phone and ipad so bare with me here!!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Miss You!

I don't have time to write something real. I'm on the phone, helping my sister with a project. I'm in middle of catching up on House with Shuky. Benny is still awake. Bella was screeching until a minute ago.

I just wanted to say hi!

We love our new apartment, and all that comes with it. Our neighbors in the building are all really nice. The manager is super sweet. The heated, indoor parking rocks my world!

I'm almost totally unpacked, which is why I've been so silent.

As soon as we are boxless, I will take you all on a tour.

I've even found a nook to call my own, where I am currently hiding to sneak on my bloggity blog.

I truly miss what was becoming my daily blogging. Looking forward to being done with boxes for a long while! Until then, I bid you good night!