Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Miss You!

I don't have time to write something real. I'm on the phone, helping my sister with a project. I'm in middle of catching up on House with Shuky. Benny is still awake. Bella was screeching until a minute ago.

I just wanted to say hi!

We love our new apartment, and all that comes with it. Our neighbors in the building are all really nice. The manager is super sweet. The heated, indoor parking rocks my world!

I'm almost totally unpacked, which is why I've been so silent.

As soon as we are boxless, I will take you all on a tour.

I've even found a nook to call my own, where I am currently hiding to sneak on my bloggity blog.

I truly miss what was becoming my daily blogging. Looking forward to being done with boxes for a long while! Until then, I bid you good night!

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