Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life As We Know It

It's been pretty quiet on the home front. Not a whole lot has happened recently. Nothing big anyway. Plenty of small things to talk about though. Fear not!

I'm starting to get anxious about the move. That's just the way I am though. Some big change is coming up and I start thinking too much. Never a good thing :)

Ames has no Jewish community. Des Moines, which is about a 30 minute drive, has one but it's pretty small. No school for Benny. Not even a playgroup. Explain to me how my social butterfly (we can call him a dragonfly so it's more manly) who cries to go to school is going to be ok with no Morah Nadia for the next five years!

I actually made an offer to the school in Postville. Once a week, I can come down and do an art program if they will let me put Benny in with Nadia for the day! We'll see what they say!

I am also going to try to put something together locally, although I really don't want the responsibility of organzing things. I just want him to have friends!

Let's not even start with how crazy I am going to go! We both need social interaction! I love where I work! I love me students and the other teachers I work with! I have an awesome boss! Sigh. It's going to be sad!

I'm in the midst of planning how we're gonna pack, trying to organize things and decide what should come with us and what should go into storage. Won't need my fine china, won't be doing much entertaining. Won't need my HUGE dining room table, won't have room for it. Won't need our outdoor climber, won't have a yard. Won't need the snow shovels or lawn mower. :)

The weather is great, on a happier note! I'm sitting on the swing on the front porch as I write this. It's absolutely gorgeous out now! Love this season!!

Anyway, I have tons of grading to do between loads of laundry. Much love to all, thanks for being a shoulder to lean on!