Sunday, September 18, 2011

True Love

I will forever be amazed by the love my children have for each other. In these five short months since Bella was born, they have formed an alliance, a bond so strong that it blows me away.

Truth be told, it was love at first sight. From the moment Benny laid eyes on his little sister, there was no way she could do any wrong in his eyes. And as soon as Bella realized who this little prince was, gazing at her endlessly, calling her his little princess, he could be nothing but amazing in her little heart.

He will smush her as she adoringly coos at him.

She will pull his hair as he whispers sweet nothings to her.

Mid-tantrum, Benny will stop to tell Bella how much he loves her. And then continue screaming at me and Shuky.

In the car, she instantly lifts her head up and around, looking for him. Smiles that go on forever when those eyes find him. He asks me to remove things between their car seats, should it block his line of sight. And if she starts whimpering during the drive, he is on the alert. "MOMMY, BELLA'S SO SAD!!!" And then he turns to her, "It's ok my sister, don't cry my Bella." Cue my heart melting.

He can make her laugh for endless amounts of time! It amazes me every time! Deep, belly laughs! Well, as deep and bellyish as a baby's laugh can be, anyway. But you get my point.

My kids are madly and deeply, head over heels, in a completely adorable way, in love with each other, and I can't get enough of it!

Food for Thought

When Shuky and I were dating, I made it very clear that I could make a mean grilled cheese sandwich. That was about it. If he didn't want to go hungry, he would do well to take over the kitchen. I registered for nice things for him to cook with, let him have control of where things went (mostly). I stayed out of his way and I tried to help with clean up. It worked out well because at that point, he was working from home so he could be on the phone for work while making an amazing meal!

Over the past few years, much has changed in our lives. With Shuky being a full-time-student-plus-two-part-time-jobs, two kids who like to eat every so often, and me being home all day, I have pretty much taken over the kitchen.

And I have seriously surprised myself and I feel pretty confident saying Shuky is on the impressed train with me!


We just finished the second week since I started meal planning and I am loving it! It is so great knowing what I'm making in advance, no hemming and hawing in front of the fridge. No running to the grocery store every day (if I do it right!). I try out new recipes, make note of the ones that are a big hit.

I've actually been posting my menus on Facebook. Letting my friends in on the fun! Having a digital copy when I forget what that night's meal is!

Big perk, numero dos: I seem to be losing weight as we seem to be eating healthier! I am only using myself in this equation because Shuky is losing weight from other factors as well, i.e. the 6 am running he's been doing! I, obviously, am not doing any running and can solely attribute my weight loss to this.

Here's to many nights of amazing food and pound sheddage!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

PSA for Chani Goldsmith

Sometimes I feel like going back to myself when I was single, just for the sake of giving myself a message. There are two things that I feel every single/non-parent person should take advantage of at whatever cost.

1. Sleep in on every possible occasion. Whenever you are given a chance. Don't get out of bed until it's almost time to get back in. And even then, push the snooze button for a little more sleep!

2. Take LOOOOOOONG showers. Like the kinds where you wonder if you're bathroom is going to fall down around you from the steam. Maybe even take a nap in the shower. Kill two birds with one stone. Leaves you more time for bed. Or another shower.

Sigh. To be clean and well-rested.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Success in the Form of a Tantrum

He loved school! Not that I expected otherwise from my social dragonfly (I can't call him a butterfly now can I!), just happy it went as expected. Shuky and I dropped him off together and met up at the school to bring him home. We both got there a bit early to see him in his element. Love the boy!

I know I'm biased. He's my son. My firstborn. My flesh and blood. Doesn't change the fact that I truly believe he is an amazing little boy, poo poo poo. Besides the fact that he is just plain adorable, he is funny and friendly and a total ball of energy.

Obviously he didn't want to come home. Had to be carried out, screaming and punching us.

I enjoyed my time, we now all have clean clothing and my kitchen was somewhat organized for a total of about ten minutes. It is now a mess of dishes and whatnot again. Never ending cycle. Not gonna go there even.

On a side note, we had to take Bella to the doctor today. She's been getting a rash around her mouth after nursing and at other random moments over the past few days. Turns out it's a yeast infection of sorts, moisture spots that stay wet in the heat or whatever. Drool behind the ears, bam - it's there. Who knows what collecting in her chubby neck crevice, bam - it's there. Non-stop nursing baby, damp area around her mouth, bam - it's there. I have a topical cream to treat it and Dr. advised me to use it on myself so it doesn't transfer and become thrush. Thanks but no thanks there, on goes the cream!!

And another side note, my meal planning is going awesome. Not only do I love knowing what I'm making in advance, I am really surprising myself (and probably Shuky) by pumping out some DEEEE-LICIOUS (Benny's own word!) meals! Who knew I could tear up the kitchen like this!?!?!

Off to bed to make sure I get up in time for the little guy's second day of school.

Monday, September 5, 2011

School Bells Are Ringing!

The big day is pretty much here. Benny starts school in the morning. It could not be more anticipated by all of us!

Benny got a haircut today.  He is looking quite dapper! The lady commented on the fact that his hair wasn't long anymore. This was in the Walmart salon, where Shuky usually goes to get his cut. Benny usually makes quite a bit of noise so no surprise that she would remember us!

We went to pick out new shoes. He was hilarious. We went to a store we go to every couple of months and that guy also remembered Benny, this time by name. He even remembered the last pair of shoes we bought. Brought them out in his new size but I wanted something different. I had Bella in my Ergo so he took Benny by the hand and helped him try on the different shoes. Waved me away when I offered to do it. That's why I go back to this store! Anyway, Benny ended up trying on a few pairs and when we found the one that fit best, he wanted to know if they were good for running in. Ran around the store a couple times. Came back to me and said, "Yep, I think they're good. Can you go pay for them?" He wasn't willing to take them off for they way home. It was adorable. When we got home, he reminded us that they ''are running shoes, I have to run to the house!'' Love him!!

We had guests for Shabbos, so aside from the regular house-work, I have a bit of putting-the-house-back-together to do. Perfect timing for a few hours without my three year old tornado! And I'm currently on a clutter-free binge, so to speak. Getting rid of things, selling them on Amazon/Craigslist or just donating them to Goodwill. I have no need for extras right now. We have no idea where life is going to take us once we're done with school so why hold on to things? An organized mama is a happy mama! Sometimes, anyway!

Benny's backpack and lunchbox are ready. His clothing are laid out for the morning. My home is quiet. I am currently headed to bed. Good night, hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day. For all those dealing with back-to-school this week, good luck and enjoy!