Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Success in the Form of a Tantrum

He loved school! Not that I expected otherwise from my social dragonfly (I can't call him a butterfly now can I!), just happy it went as expected. Shuky and I dropped him off together and met up at the school to bring him home. We both got there a bit early to see him in his element. Love the boy!

I know I'm biased. He's my son. My firstborn. My flesh and blood. Doesn't change the fact that I truly believe he is an amazing little boy, poo poo poo. Besides the fact that he is just plain adorable, he is funny and friendly and a total ball of energy.

Obviously he didn't want to come home. Had to be carried out, screaming and punching us.

I enjoyed my time, we now all have clean clothing and my kitchen was somewhat organized for a total of about ten minutes. It is now a mess of dishes and whatnot again. Never ending cycle. Not gonna go there even.

On a side note, we had to take Bella to the doctor today. She's been getting a rash around her mouth after nursing and at other random moments over the past few days. Turns out it's a yeast infection of sorts, moisture spots that stay wet in the heat or whatever. Drool behind the ears, bam - it's there. Who knows what collecting in her chubby neck crevice, bam - it's there. Non-stop nursing baby, damp area around her mouth, bam - it's there. I have a topical cream to treat it and Dr. advised me to use it on myself so it doesn't transfer and become thrush. Thanks but no thanks there, on goes the cream!!

And another side note, my meal planning is going awesome. Not only do I love knowing what I'm making in advance, I am really surprising myself (and probably Shuky) by pumping out some DEEEE-LICIOUS (Benny's own word!) meals! Who knew I could tear up the kitchen like this!?!?!

Off to bed to make sure I get up in time for the little guy's second day of school.

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105lessofme said...

Go Benny Go!!

Menu planning is awesome! You get more and more creative as you search for different ideas!