Monday, September 5, 2011

School Bells Are Ringing!

The big day is pretty much here. Benny starts school in the morning. It could not be more anticipated by all of us!

Benny got a haircut today.  He is looking quite dapper! The lady commented on the fact that his hair wasn't long anymore. This was in the Walmart salon, where Shuky usually goes to get his cut. Benny usually makes quite a bit of noise so no surprise that she would remember us!

We went to pick out new shoes. He was hilarious. We went to a store we go to every couple of months and that guy also remembered Benny, this time by name. He even remembered the last pair of shoes we bought. Brought them out in his new size but I wanted something different. I had Bella in my Ergo so he took Benny by the hand and helped him try on the different shoes. Waved me away when I offered to do it. That's why I go back to this store! Anyway, Benny ended up trying on a few pairs and when we found the one that fit best, he wanted to know if they were good for running in. Ran around the store a couple times. Came back to me and said, "Yep, I think they're good. Can you go pay for them?" He wasn't willing to take them off for they way home. It was adorable. When we got home, he reminded us that they ''are running shoes, I have to run to the house!'' Love him!!

We had guests for Shabbos, so aside from the regular house-work, I have a bit of putting-the-house-back-together to do. Perfect timing for a few hours without my three year old tornado! And I'm currently on a clutter-free binge, so to speak. Getting rid of things, selling them on Amazon/Craigslist or just donating them to Goodwill. I have no need for extras right now. We have no idea where life is going to take us once we're done with school so why hold on to things? An organized mama is a happy mama! Sometimes, anyway!

Benny's backpack and lunchbox are ready. His clothing are laid out for the morning. My home is quiet. I am currently headed to bed. Good night, hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day. For all those dealing with back-to-school this week, good luck and enjoy!

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