Sunday, September 18, 2011

Food for Thought

When Shuky and I were dating, I made it very clear that I could make a mean grilled cheese sandwich. That was about it. If he didn't want to go hungry, he would do well to take over the kitchen. I registered for nice things for him to cook with, let him have control of where things went (mostly). I stayed out of his way and I tried to help with clean up. It worked out well because at that point, he was working from home so he could be on the phone for work while making an amazing meal!

Over the past few years, much has changed in our lives. With Shuky being a full-time-student-plus-two-part-time-jobs, two kids who like to eat every so often, and me being home all day, I have pretty much taken over the kitchen.

And I have seriously surprised myself and I feel pretty confident saying Shuky is on the impressed train with me!


We just finished the second week since I started meal planning and I am loving it! It is so great knowing what I'm making in advance, no hemming and hawing in front of the fridge. No running to the grocery store every day (if I do it right!). I try out new recipes, make note of the ones that are a big hit.

I've actually been posting my menus on Facebook. Letting my friends in on the fun! Having a digital copy when I forget what that night's meal is!

Big perk, numero dos: I seem to be losing weight as we seem to be eating healthier! I am only using myself in this equation because Shuky is losing weight from other factors as well, i.e. the 6 am running he's been doing! I, obviously, am not doing any running and can solely attribute my weight loss to this.

Here's to many nights of amazing food and pound sheddage!!!