Monday, May 31, 2010

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

The past few weeks have been fun. Benny's personality is developing right before us and it's an amazing thing to see!

He is a non-stop chatter box. I chalk that one up to Shuky.
He is a flirt. That probably comes from both of us ;)
He's extremely musical. Gonna give that one to my side of the family.
He knows his ABC's. Leapfrog is very proud!! :)

He is a caring kid, he loves to cuddle, and gives kisses and hugs aplenty.

He really comes up with the funniest things, it actually makes discipline very difficult for me. He's usually cracking me up right as I should be putting him in time out!!

Here are a few fun stories from recently:

He got a scratch on his arm and he came to show it to me. "Wook Mommy, I colored a pitcher!" "No Benny," I told him, "that's a booboo!" "Oh," he says. Looks at the scratch, looks at me, looks at the scratch again. "Wook Mommy, I got a booboo!"

Shuky and I went to a Bar Mitzvah so Shuky dropped him off at his babysitter's house. When I went in to pick him up, he dropped the toys he was playing with and ran into my arms. He's like "You wanna hold Benny???"

I will precede this story by telling you that we are slowly working on potty training right now. We have the house on the market, either for rent or for sale, as we are moving in August. I was showing the house to someone and Benny was walking around with me. When we got to the bathroom, Benny got very excited, as he usually does. He looks up at the guy and yells, "YOU WANNA MAKE POOPOO ON THE POTTY?"

We got him a sprinkler toy for the backyard recently. This morning, I told him that he could go out and play in the water so we needed to put on his bathing suit. We go to his room and he sees it and starts yelling, "Wook, it's my baby soup!!!"

Sometimes, if I'm not early to dismiss my students (which I usually am), Benny's teacher will bring him directly to my classroom. Today he comes in and the first thing he asks me is, "Mommy, what a fire truck says?" Instantly, he starts wailing with a high pitched shriek, "WEEEE OOOOOOOO WEEEEEE OOOOOOOOO!"

There are train tracks about two blocks from our house. Cargo trains go through the town every few hours. EVERY time it goes by, Benny turns to us, "You hear the choochoo train?????"

A no-fail distraction method we have is getting him to count fingers. He does it. One through ten. :)

He recognizes a few letters and wherever we go, he points them out. He thinks digital clocks are letters so whenever he sees an 8, he thinks it's a B. Recently, he figured out how to change the time on the clock in our room. He switched it to 8 and excitedly told me it was a B!

I had to be out of the house early one day last week so I had to wake him up as opposed to letting him get up on his own. He has his priorities straight, he did not want to get up! So I crawled into bed with him to try to wake him up. He pushed my head down to the pillow and told me to go to sleep.

Well, hope y'all enjoyed a taste of life with Benny Meyer :)

Time for me to say sayonara and sign out. Good night!!!