Monday, April 22, 2013

Benny's Tips

The Maccabeats  (an awesome A Capella group from YU) released a new video on YouTube called Smart Ways to Live, their parody of Dumb Ways to Die. I think they did an awesome job parodying an already awesome song!

Here is the original:

And here is the version from the Maccabeats:

The kids and I have listened to this a few times today already, Benny and I stopping to comment on some of the things they talk about. Benny decided he wanted to put together his own list of smart ways to live, and so, ladies and gentlemen, without any further delays, I give you:

Benny's Smart Ways to Live Tips!!!
1. Don't throw books and toys at your friends
2. Don't shoot at someone
3. Don't fight with people
4. Never eat a fish with his eyes on
5. If a nephew wants ice cream, give it ice cream
6. Don't put boogies in people's ears

The words you have just read are in no way a reflection of the opinion of this blogger. They belong entirely to the views of a four year old boy with a constant flow of randmoness coming out of his mouth. This blog takes no responsibility for the vomit the sixth item may induce in any readers.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Always Read Reviews Before Purchasing!!

Sometimes you find something posted on Amazon that just makes you shake your head in wonder. Like, what in the world is the point of this product, or why was it named like this, or WHO IN THE WORLD BUYS THIS???? You notice it has been rated and reviewed. Thousands and thousands of times. In that moment, you realize you stumbled upon a gem like no other and prepare yourself for hours of entertainment as you sift through the reviews. Breathing becomes difficult, as does seeing through the tears of laughter. 

In honor of me being awake and already caffeinated on this rainy Sunday morning, I am compiling a list of my favorite ones, in no specific order. Some may have been shared on my FB page before, some on friends' pages (or even friends of friends in the case of the lady BIC pens), some I found on my own. Whatever the case, I hope you laugh as much as I did while reading all of these! Click on the quoted review to see them all - if you dare.

Alright, that should be a good start to get your laughing ball rolling here. I'd better step away from my computer and get some stuff done!

Fluffy and White

I have a few things to write about but I really don't like condensing posts. I guess that's what happens when you take too long of a sabbatical from your blog! Best case scenario, I end up with a few posts saved to get published over the next couple days. Worst case scenario, all my thoughts get jumbled into one long, windy, somewhat hard to follow post. I vote for what's behind door number one!

When Benny was first born, I wanted to start an online consulting business for baby products. I started a blog to get it rolling. My thoughts were to eventually turn that into a site of it's own and maybe one day, an actual storefront - boutique style. I was going to use the blog as a review site with contact info for private consultations. It never took off, our life was blown into the wind of change, I still own the domain name but the game plan has changed. I still do private consultations for plenty of friends but I do it as a hobby. I never charge. I don't do reviews really on a main scale level.

Recently, I got an opportunity to review a product from a company called Puj. I was sent the fluffiest towel known to kidkind, called the Puj Big Hug.

It has a built in rubber notch on the hood for easy hanging, by kid or parent. 

 Bella loved how long it was. It had a bit of a train on her, being the tiny little two year old that she is, but she tends to drop her towel as soon as she sees her tooth brush anyway.

  I mentioned it before but it is definitely worth mentioning again: This is by far the softest and fluffiest towel we own. And I have nice, expensive towels from our wedding registry. 

There are 'pockets' for kiddo's hands, for easy wrapping around cute little ones. 

We let each kid have a turn with it and they both love it so much! We will have to take turns with this towel for sure! They were super warm and totally figured it out instantly.

Shuky and I both want one in our size. It's that awesome!

I would love to see it in more color options but the white is definitely a classy look! This towel feels really well made and it washed really nicely! It does have a higher price point but if that's not a deciding factor for you, I say to give it a go!

And I kind of dropped the ball on this. I received the product while out of town for Pesach and was not able to complete the review until now. Had I known this awesome product would ship so quickly, I would have had it shipped to me in North Carolina! I had a special discount code to offer but it expired before I even opened the box!

Please note: I was provided with a product in order to review with my own opinions. No compensation was provided.