Monday, April 22, 2013

Benny's Tips

The Maccabeats  (an awesome A Capella group from YU) released a new video on YouTube called Smart Ways to Live, their parody of Dumb Ways to Die. I think they did an awesome job parodying an already awesome song!

Here is the original:

And here is the version from the Maccabeats:

The kids and I have listened to this a few times today already, Benny and I stopping to comment on some of the things they talk about. Benny decided he wanted to put together his own list of smart ways to live, and so, ladies and gentlemen, without any further delays, I give you:

Benny's Smart Ways to Live Tips!!!
1. Don't throw books and toys at your friends
2. Don't shoot at someone
3. Don't fight with people
4. Never eat a fish with his eyes on
5. If a nephew wants ice cream, give it ice cream
6. Don't put boogies in people's ears

The words you have just read are in no way a reflection of the opinion of this blogger. They belong entirely to the views of a four year old boy with a constant flow of randmoness coming out of his mouth. This blog takes no responsibility for the vomit the sixth item may induce in any readers.

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Dara said...

too funny Benny!