Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ready For Adventure

A week from now, we will be sleeping in a hotel on the first night of our road trip as we head to Seattle for the summer. Shuky's internship with Amazon has us all extremely excited! The fact that our housing situation will be so much easier on us this summer has me way more calm than I would normally be this close to our annual migration. I have lists galore around the apartment and have theoretically packed three times over. In my head. The physical part is moving slightly slower.

Being that we are getting put up in corporate housing for this experience, we will be shipping a box or two with kitchen essentials and then packing our car up with our clothing and a few basics and away we will go!

We plan on stopping at Mt. Rushmore and hopefully picnicing at Badlands National Park.

Shavuos will be spent in Bozeman, MT.

Our first Shabbos in Seattle will be spent with friends, low key and just what we will need.

This week, my to-do list is extremely intimidating. Which clearly explains why I am sitting in front of the computer, 'window shopping' for cute summer clothing for the kids. And blogging. And facebooking. And pinning nail polish colors. And watching HGTV.

Oh, and of course I am going away with the kids a few weeks after we get to Seattle. My annual family visit to the lovely world of California! We are super excited, my mom will be meeting us out there and Benny and I have put together quite a list of things we'd like to see this trip!

It's finals week for Shuky and that generally means I don't see him. Not this week, not last week, and quite sparsely the week before that. It's 11:10 pm as I sit and write this and he is still at school.

And this is Benny's last week at his school with his amazing teachers and friends. We are sad to be losing our  UCC family but look forward to the new experiences we will have when he goes to kindergarten in the fall. Wow, I have a kid going into kindergarten. Insanity.

I'm exhausted and overwhelmed and in denial of how much needs to be done right now. I apologize for the rambling and with that I say good night!

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