Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Settling in Seattle

This move has been like no other we've done. And unfortunately we've done quite a few!

We had the option of shipping things and magically came $3 under the shipping budget! That meant that our car was only loaded with road trip necessities and a few last minute things that we forgot to stick in boxes. It was perfect.

So, coming into our FULLY furnished apartment (think nice hotel suite in terms of furnishing styles), we had four boxes to unpack, a big duffel bag, and a couple small bags. That was it. The apartment is brand new so we have a kosher kitchen again, which is unthinkably amazing! The kitchen items they stocked it with all still had the labels on them. Again, way more than we were expecting in terms of awesomeness! There were a few things that didn't have labels so we have them on the side, waiting to hear back from the company on whether or not they are new as well.

We made a trip out to Ikea for some basics we needed, a couple extra kitchen accessories, some laundry baskets, things to set up a small play area, and just because I absolutely love Ikea and don't have one near me.

We made a trip to Target for toiletry needs.

We made a trip to one of the markets with a great kosher selection for a couple things.

We made a HUGE order on Amazon Fresh for the rest of our food stocking up and I can't wait to see how that works out. The delivery will be here this afternoon!

Ok, here's a little tour of our Deeeeluxe Apartment In The Sky! (We are on the 9th floor!!)

Entryway, coat/storage closet to the left and bathroom to the right

Said bathroom, with dryer line open and kids' territory clearly marked by the bathtub


Another view of the kitchen
Master Bedroom

Nother view

Living/dining room being guarded by our soldier

She was dressed up as Buzz Lightyear about ten seconds before I came through with the camera

Dining area

Play area. The pile of dress-up clothes will be hanging off hooks on the wall in a few minutes. Hopefully.

Kids' Room

Love the sliding door to their room!

Part of the view from our balcony

And I made a quick video walk through to really get a feel for the place. For some reason my camera kept giving me problems, so this was my third attempt and I was clearly lacking in the pep I initially had.

The building itself is pretty much its own little eco-system. I don't have as many pictures of that yet but I will try to get some soon.

The concierge desk has every bit of information you could need and every imaginable service, including dry cleaning.

In the first week of June, a few restaurants will be opening right off the lobby, along with a juice/coffee bar and small market.

A hair salon is also slated to open soon.

There is a theater room, fully loaded with two huge screens, a kinnect, a wet bar, probably more systems that I didn't catch. You can reserve it for private use or just hang out there. Not the greatest picture, shot it with my phone, not my camera.

There is a bike shop on the first floor. Along with a shower room and vertical bike storage space.

There are four zip cars available for rent on the property.

The public bathrooms on the first two floors have tvs integrated into the mirrors. Even the single bathrooms.

The elevators all have tvs with the news playing for your quick trip. And you need to have an access code or FOB to get to any of the residential floors.

The second floor offers an area called The Mezanine, offering multiple seating areas to chill or enjoy your food from one of the restaurants, a pool table, two shuffleboard tables, and two Pac-Man tables. At the end of the second floor is the gym. I don't want to keep using the same adjectives over and over so let me just get this out of the way. Everything in this building is a whole lot of awesome, amazing, enormous, gigantic, insane, unimaginable, and so much more. The gym has state of the art equipment and I would like to pretend that I will be there daily.

The building is pretty tall and consists of two towers but on the seventh floor, there is an enormous deck called The Pavilion. It connects the two towers and has multiple areas to hang out. Some fire pits, a nice water feature, a great sun bathing area with a little outdoor shower, grilling spots, amazing views. There are four enormous, top-of-the-line kitchens with tvs and seating space available for private parties.

That should be enough to hold most of you over for now! Enjoy, I know we will.

I still need to backtrack and post pictures of our road trip. Think good and it will be good. The post will get posted!

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