Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Getting There

Alright, for the sake of really getting caught up, here is another photo dump! These pictures are from different parts of our road trip to Seattle.


These first few are from Bear Country USA. The rules were no opening windows and we gladly complied so please excuse the reflections or window spots in the pictures.

There is a bear scratching his back on that tree stump. 

Instantly brought this song to my mind:

Just walking by

Crossing in front of us

And getting SUPER close to the car!

Taking a sandwich break. (The red glare is from the window)

Then we moved on to Mt. Rushmore
Got Washington's profile

Coming into the Rockies

Stopped at a scenic stop off alongside the Rockies

Getting some air time

Posing for their rap album cover

Stopped to see the Columbia River

This picture makes me laugh. Look at Shuky's beard to truly understand how windy it was here.

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