Tuesday, May 28, 2013

North Carolina

While going through the pictures on my SD card to post about our road trip, I realized I never really posted any pictures from our Pesach trip either and I had some really cute ones to share, so while I finish going through my newer files, I will share a bunch of pictures from March/April. Enjoy!! Quick reminder, we drove out to Raleigh, NC to be with Shuky's mother and step-father and a handful of siblings. Had a great time!

Fish cloud!

A lot of this on the drive

And a lot of this

A rock slide

Huge pile-up, blocking an entire direction of the highway

Luckily we were on the other side

The beginning of the traffic jam

Ten miles later, it still looked like this.

At a science museumy place we went to. Love Benny's expression!

A simulated tornado. Obviously had to drag Benny away from this one.

Watching a weather station. This kid.

In a space capsule

You can see him in the little window up top

They had fun commanding missions

This cool screen. Standing in front of it made it look like all these small particles were falling on you and pouring over your arms. Can't think of a better way to describe it. Benny looks pretty powerful in this shot though.

Me and Benny joining forces.

Bringing in a small head of curls for reinforcements.

One cool llama. 

As big as this spider looks, it was MUCH bigger. And there was no glass/cage/wall around it. The spiders were apparently not at flight risk.

Took some cute pictures of the kids enjoying the back yard. The grass and trees and rocks and branches and everything that was not concrete had them so excited!

Tattooed baddie.

Tiny little "ravine" that he was studying

''Too windy!"


Dara said...

Benny could be a meteorologist! My brother always loved weather things as a kid and now he's on the weather channel!

Chani M said...

That would probably be a dream come true for him! He just might take over when your brother retires ;)