Sunday, June 23, 2013

Too Much Fun and Sun

We've had a busy month here. Sometimes that translates into multiple posts, on a very regular basis. Sometimes it turns into a lump of silence. Time to get rid of that lump!

So we had two weeks of fun here in Seattle where the kids and I did some major exploring and became members of a few of our favorite spots. We basically became locals, starting giving tips and directions to tourists, that sort of thing. We were mostly downtown, getting tons of miles covered by walking everywhere. We had a few days of discovering other areas in the car, which was nice as well. We started setting up our own little routines. Whenever I had to go to a specific market, we got smoothies and people watched. Whenever the monorail wasn't too crowded, we snagged the front seat and got to know some of the drivers. From that seat, Benny always managed to get invited to honk the horn. We were true downtown-seattlites.
Front row seats on the monorail.

Being a fireman at the Childrens' Museum

And exploring the 'woodlands' there.

In the story time exhibit. That is Benny's work. Found it still hanging on the wall when we came back another day!

Trying our hand at planting. These are chia pets. The yellow one has since died. The green one is vibrantly growing still!

Space capsule at the Pacific Science Center

Enjoying the amazing view from the sky-deck of the Space Needle

And a quick visit back at the Childrens' Museum.

Bella, earning her keep.

Being jellyfish at the Seattle Aquarium. That's Bella's fish face in case you were wondering.

After about two weeks of being here, the kids and I headed out to California for our annual summer visit. My mother and sister met us there and we had an awesome time. It was more of a family visit than I had originally intended [I usually book two weeks, hoping to do one week of family time and one week with friends] but it was just so much fun that I didn't mind that much. We had a lot of low key days and a few hectic, fun-filled days and it totally balanced out.

Waiting patiently to board the plane.

A gorgeous day at the beach

Looking fabulous for my cousin's graduation party.

Benny and Uncle Shmuly had so much fun together. Here, he got an awesome ride into Knott's Berry Farm.

Best restroom sign. Ever.

Doing hard time.

Enjoying the rides!

Workin' on the railroad.

My mom took the kids back home and left the bigger kids to play at the park.

And play we did!

After a rough day of hanging out by the pool, who has the time to walk all the way to bed!

Even Minnie Mouse was enjoying herself on vacation!

Benny and I explored the LaBrea Tar Pits. Definitely a major highlight of the trip for this guy.

We were being squirrels.

A paleontology lab with fossils being identified before our eyes!!

A special visitor at my grandmother's house. Biggest raccoon I've ever seen.

All nice and dressed for a family Shabbos dinner!

Spent a Sunday at a rodeo festival with the kids. Of course Benny rode the bull.

Pony rides!

He spent the entire circle petting and talking to his horse.

Seeing how strong he is.

Riding the little train together.

Come here rabbit!

Not the best picture but a fun one no less. Uncle Shmuly is an awesome uncle!

And she obviously needed her own turn.

Had a bbq dinner with Uncle Shmuly in his adorable backyard after the rodeo.

I took the kids to visit my friend at her shop, which happens to be the cutest shop in L.A. No big deal. Anyway, she has a huge vase of little bouncy balls and offers a free one to the kids walking into the store. We found Bella stuffing them into her pocket.

There were nine in that little pocket. I asked her a few times how many she had and she continuously insisted there was just one little ball in her 'poppet'. 

My parents are awesome and helped me get a new shaitel :) Loving it so much!!

I have a special relationship with Orange Delight. They are usually one of the first places to know I've landed :)

Got some shopping done.

Took a ride on the train in the mall.

I finally cleaned out the last of my belongings from my room at my grandmother's house and had so much fun going through my old things. Especially an old shoe box of pictures ranging from shots of me growing up to me as a teen and onward. Memory lane beyond belief!
My older brothers and I. Back when life was better as a blonde.

Apparently I was sporty. Or just had to do whatever my brothers did. Let's go with sporty.

And quite stylish!

Me and my younger sibs.

We are back in Seattle and getting back into our routine. Aside from local traveling, we are done until it's time to head back to Iowa in August. As far as I'm aware.

We spent Shabbos in Steward Park with a really nice family and had a great time.

Today we took the kids to see Monsters University with friends and loved it!


Benny starts camp July 1st and we are all super excited for that to come around! We have a few things planned to do until then so hopefully I will get back soon with more bloglovin for you guys!!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog!!! You did so many fun things here, it was great seeing you guys! Keep on sharing!
Miss you,

BobbiStorm said...

Great pics... love the sheitel (looks great on you, beyond great) does that bring back memories. Enjoy life and keep blogging! Love it!!