Friday, June 28, 2013

The Way of Water

Today is Benny's hebrew birthday. Last night, Shuky carved him a birthday message into his hot dogs and this morning he got birthday cake.

Then, after packing up lunches, the kids and I went on a special birthday trip. I took them to Lake Union Park and we hopped onto the Ice Cream Cruise. It was a cute little cruise that took us around the lake for an hour, sightseeing and enjoying the gorgeous weather. The name comes from the little snack shop they have on board!
On board with us was a cute group of senior women and a couple of their daughters, along with a guy from the senior home they were coming from, acting as their guide. The views were amazing, we saw some awesome things!!
They sat themselves down for a nice game of chess

Some of our senior friends enjoying the view from the roof deck

Having a delicious snack of strawberries

An old fire boat

Kayaks alongside us

And on to a game of checkers

Adorable little houses on the water

Nice big house on the water

Houses and houseboats are friends

The home and studio of the artist Dale Chihuly

A window exhibit in his home. The little car thing on the deck is one of many unique birdhomes.

Just amazing homes on the water

Oh the natural sunlight!

It blends with the background but this home has an AMAZING rooftop garden!

An Alaskan Salmon fishing boat

Gas Works Park (awesome paintball scene from 10 Things I Hate About You was filmed there)

I'm sure there are better quality videos out there, just grabbed the first I found :)

Just liked this one and the next one :)

Downtown skyline - AKA our current home!

Boeing's corporate yacht, Daedalus, named after the Greek mythological character, meaning 'clever worker'

What a cute little community to live in!

The floating home from Sleepless in Seattle

Studying the map

Smallest houseboat I've ever seen, with lawn chairs on top!

Another view of the downtown skyline

Caught some seaplanes landing

Little class of kids learning to sail. Was so cute!

Air traffic

Of course, Benny made a friend

So, the woman that Benny is sitting with.

As we were all getting off the boat, the kids and I stepped to the side to let the group of seniors off. We were enjoying just standing and looking at the boat next to us. All of a sudden we notice the woman from above, instead of turning to go up the ramp and off the dock she just kept going forward and walked right. off. the. pier. She hit her head on the boat next to us and went in the water, walker and all. Benny and I both started screaming and everyone turned to see what happened. The man with the group jumped right in after her and pulled her up from under the water and held up her walker with his foot, while a bunch of people pulled her out of the water. They set her down gently and asked if she was ok. She said she was fine and that nothing had happened so I went over quietly (holding my kids' hands tighter than ever before) and told them that she had actually hit her head pretty hard and should be checked carefully. She kept insisting that she had not hit her head. Someone lifted the hair off her forehead and saw quite the bump so 9-1-1 was called. I could see that she was being taken care of and Benny was starting to get very nervous so I left. When we got to the parking lot, there was a fire truck pulling in to help her. We pointed them in the right direction and off we went. That was about five hours ago and Benny is still asking me every so often if I think she was ok. We talked a lot about it. I was pretty shaken up by it as well so we discussed what happened and why it's so important to always be careful and look where you are going. And we talked about how young kids and older people sometimes don't realize what is going on around them. I'm sure the topic will come up quite a bit over the next few days and hopefully he will really understand. I actually circled back around the area about half an hour after leaving and both the fire truck and senior shuttle were gone. Hopefully everything was ok.

And now, I need to start making our food for Shabbos, we have a new guest coming tonight and the cleaning service left our apartment sparkling clean!

Have a beautiful Shabbos, a relaxing weekend, and keep your kids close!


BobbiStorm said...

just no words... houseboats and harbor are beautiful... missed the part that benny has been sitting with her earlier.. oy.. seriously chani you can't make this stuff up.. and yes everything is a lesson to be learned.

Dara said...

ooh. fun trip, happy Benny, but scary at the end there! Poor Benny, seeing that happen!