Monday, December 10, 2012

And Then Came Night Three

Again, not going to say much, going to let my pictures do the talking. As horrible as the lighting is in our apartment, the pictures still seem to be doing ok portraying our Chanukah experience this year :)

Our daily cookie decorating - very intense concentration required!

Notice the cookie bulge in her cheek.

Cookie eating and decorating simultaneously!


"I think I'll wear this every day!"

Big enough to light alone!

Watching the lighting from a safe distance.

Chanukah, night three

Little lights aglow

Super excited about his Chanukah craft kit!

Elmo puzzle reaction :)

Enjoying his awesome presents


DonchaWishUrselfHadLeggingsLikeMeDoncha said...

u totally got that craft set for yourself...benny is turning into a mini shuky and bella is a mini u and u know how much i love that...also the pic of shuky lighting with bella behind the velvet rope is pretty awesome. Also this post reminds me of when I sold 2 of Debras menorahs last chanukah.

Chani M said...

I should have bought one of them!!!!

Yeah she is totally being a mini me these days. All about her babies and her shoes and her BOOTS! She is really way too hilarious!

Misss youuuu and your horrible leggings!!

DonchaWishUrselfHadLeggingsLikeMeDoncha said...

Actually the same lady bought both of them and apparently every other menorah for sale on ebay when I checked her feedback and good thing cuz they were trief menorahs and was worried someone would use them for lighting...then she told me her maiden name was Fine and it made me suspicious that debra is actually the one who buys my ebay items to make me feel good about myself

Chani M said...

Oooh you should probably check the locked cabinet in her amazing room. I guess that would explain why she asked if I would accept all her Iowa mail for her!!