Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Four Score

I think my kids may be going into a Chanukah-present induced coma over here! Serious overload on the awesomeness that is unwrapping a present!

Tonight, Shuky surprised me by having presents for me. We don't usually buy each other Chanukah presents. Ever since we had kids, it just sort of happened. We decided to eat dinner a little earlier tonight, not that our dinner could get much earlier without being considered lunch. Anyway, while we were sitting at the table, a little girl from down the hall knocked on the door and motioned for Shuky to follow her out. A minute later, he walks back in with the UPS guy and his cart full of boxes for us. Apparently, yesterday Shuky chatted up the UPS guy and convinced him not to let me get my hands on the boxes. So when he got to our floor, he turned to the kids in the elevator with him and asked if they know us. Then he sent them to get Shuky. I absolutely love the UPS guys that deliver to our building.

Anyway, he got me perfect gifts. The kids got perfect gifts. We had a delicious dinner and a beautiful menorah lighting. And I've got plenty of pictures to prove it!

Bringing everyone over for lighting time


Dancing and singing

Four more

These next three shots are a group.
I wonder what it is

Literally was jumping for joy here

Could not get his excited words out fast enough

A baby!!!

Ripped that baby out of the box as if baby's very life depended on it

Good night fireman.


Dara said...

I was trying to get a candle shot like that with the blurred background. do you know what your settings were?

Chani M said...

Ill try to check for you today!!

Chani M said...

Ill try to check for you today!!