Thursday, December 20, 2012

Post-Chanukah Wrap Up

We went away for the last few nights of Chanukah so I wasn't able to do my nightly posting but we can do a quick wrap up before we move onto the blizzard that is going on right now!

We spent the weekend in Kansas City, our home away from home. It was great seeing all our friends, getting to go out to parties, some for the family and some adults only. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so no pictures to share.

We had so much fun that we will actually be heading back there for the next week as well, Benny is going to go to the CGI Winter Camp. Well, I will still be home working but Shuky will be taking the kids for the week so Benny can get the experience!

And now I'm off to go through the pictures I got during the storm last night. Hopefully I've got some nice ones to share so keep an eye out for my next post!


tkob said...

Amazing pictures. You should SELL them!

Anonymous said...
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