Saturday, December 1, 2012


I feel like maybe I shouldn't be saying anything out loud but who should I run to first, if not my blog, when I have cool things to talk about!!

I heard rumors that girls tend to be easier to potty train than boys. I decided I wasn't interested to find out until Bella would be practically begging to get her on the toilet.

She has been doing exactly that over the past week or two. She tells me when she needs to go, we run to the bathroom, and she does her business. I sing and cheer and she revels in the attention! She even got up in the middle of the night last night, requesting to visit 'melmo'! The toilet seat we have is covered in sesame street characters. Elmo, aka Melmo, is her favorite, followed up by Big Bird, whom she fondly refers to as Bee Bah!

So we've been doing having a lot of bathroom time this past little stretch of time, but I am so happy and so not pressuring her. She is obviously doing this on her own and I am totally ok with that!!!

In other news, she dropped her Minnie Mouse doll in the toilet after seeing if maybe SHE needed to work anything out. So she has been asking about 'Mee Mow' all day.

Tomorrow, Uncle Zalmy is leaving us and, while we are all really going to miss him, I think Bella is going to be asking about him for quite a while. She has really been having an amazing time with him and gets so excited when he walks into the room!! I better take a picture of them together to print out for her.

For the sake of everyone around us, I should really get that load of laundry taken care of, time for Mee Mow to put on her bathing suit!!

Shavuah tov everyone! Have a beautiful week!!


Dara said...

gah Simon always says he has to go potty but he sits there and does nothing. so frustrating!

Chani M said...

Every time she has **gas** she thinks she needs to be on the toilet as well, but she's finally starting to figure out the more appropriate times to be rushed to the seat! She comes out of the bath to pee too, I'm so happy after Benny's endless potty training!!

BobbiStorm said...

good idea.. like her own picture so when he's gone she'll feel special.

she's very aware and verbal, we were talking on the computer and she was on zalmy's lap and suddenly she said really loudly "BYE" and waived to let me know she was "done" lol ... it's an awareness she has which blows me away so I can totally see her doing the potty thing...

not much gets past her...

Daniella Silver said...

Yay Bella!!! Good for her :)