Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chanukah Pictures

Benny learned a Chanukah song with me over Shabbos and sang it at the top of his lungs through Walmart today. We are just totally in Chanukah mode over here! Benny was wondering if we could possibly light after breakfast this morning instead of waiting for night time.

Anyway, I have some cleaning to do and family to catch up with so I'm just gonna lay it on thick with the pictures today. Enjoy!

Enjoying her color-me chanukah cookie

Enchanted by her Elmo tattoo 


Lighting in undies. That's just how we roll.

I love Bella creeping in the picture, watching her brother!


Look at her expression lol!

Chanukah festivities are so much fun!

The lights of our menorahs are shining on our friends and family :)

We decided to move it over to in front of the window.

"It knows your name Bella!!"

I wish you could all have seen his face when he realized he was getting a LeapPad.

Blurry, but still worth posting.

Everyone enjoying their technology

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Dara said...

lucky Benny! And that last picture is great.