Monday, February 16, 2009

Some Kind of Silly

So apparently we have some internal alarm that goes off. Right before we are supposed to take a big trip we move. Or maybe we can only move when there's something big coming up. Either way, we're in the new place and Benny and I are working very hard on getting unpacked so we can repack for our two week trip to Florida on Wednesday.
Our last move was the week before Pesach and it wouldn't have been such a big deal...we were going to Florida anyway. But we had promised our house out to friends so that pushed us to fully unpack right away!
And when we moved into our first house right after we got married, we had guests over for Shabbos meals so we had to toivel everything and unpack then too...gotta have the house looking nice! And then on Sunday we left to Florida for two weeks.
I figured it out...we can only move if there is a trip to Florida right after the work! Sounds good to me!!! :)

Off to unpacking land! Got Benny sleeping in his wrap, holding onto me...

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