Wednesday, June 15, 2011

**Insert Screams Here**

I love my son. I really do. He really likes to test that, though. See if he can find the point that tips the scale the other way. When he started having attitude at around 18 months, easing his way into his terrible twos, I figured it would work its way out of his system earlier on the other side of the spectrum. Maybe by the time we hit three, he'd be nice and calm and have leveled out all the craziness.

I was wrong.

In all honesty, I don't want anyone's advice on how to deal with it. Each child is so different, what worked with one kid may have no effect whatsoever on the next. As I watch friends handling their children, I may envy the way their kids listen, but at the end of the day, I have to do what works with Benny. Not that I've figured that out yet, obviously, or I wouldn't be complaining right now! Complaining is a strong word. I hate complaining. I'm venting. Hence the 'no advice necessary' sign posted on my forehead. Just getting the strong need to scream out of my system. Thanks for listening.


BobbiStorm said...

Venting is good, you're a smart girl/mommy/woman, vent away! Beauty of venting is it's REAL, honest and not fake.

Melissa said...

Chani - You are an incredible Mom. Incredible. The way you deal with Benny is amazing. He likes to push your buttons and you are very calm about it, more than most of the time. He is learning and growing beautifully. He is a happy, healthy rambunctious kid. I get some of my ideas for parenting from you. And I agree with your Mom. Venting is very good. Great to get things off of your chest. I love you girl. Keep doing the kickbutt job you're doing. And remember to breathe. **hugs**

Mimi said...

Oh Chani, don't worry. All first borns are guinea pigs. I remember the first year after Shaina was born and dealing with Zalmy and his craziness. Every thought I had ended with multiple curse words. I kept trying to figure out why people do this parenting thing and how they survive the first years(for some of us, the first years start over and over again). Lack of sleep just makes it almost impossible to handle. But notice I said "almost". Somehow we do survive. Sounds like you need to pull another "Mimi getaway"- just hop on a plane and tell yourself it'll all be okay when you get back(it's a lie, but it's the only way to truely enjoy the getaway:) ). Anytime you need to vent, feel free to call me. I'm always here for you.