Friday, June 10, 2011

Cheesy Times

Let's quickly get up to speed here.

Benny is no longer in daycare, the teacher felt he was fighting the structure of the schedule too much and it wasn't fair to him or the kids who were already settled. There were only a few weeks left to her program. He's back home with me for right now. Not sure what's going to happen. In the meantime, I took the money from the half of the week he didn't go for and bought some new toys for him to have while home with me.

Shuky is still happily working, thank G-d!!!

Bella is still over-achieving in her head lifting abilities. :)

And I am just here.

So, Shavuos is over and with it came too much excitement in this house. Tuesday morning, Bella woke up with swollen gums. Starting teething at 9 weeks, sounds like something she would do! Very fussy all day, just kept her in my moby wrap and she was fine. Shavuos preparations continued, I just wasn't able to leave the house at all. No biggie. A little before 3, she developed a light fever. 99.3, nothing huge but I gave her tylenol. Our meal that night was nice, no guests. Around 11:15, I checked on Bella and her fever had gone up to 101.9! We called Hatzalah, a local volunteer ambulance squad, and they came to take us to the hospital. Benny stayed behind with my mother, asleep since 7!

When we got to the hospital, her fever had gone up to 102.2. They gave her more tylenol and started an IV line in her hand, they had to do a blood test and they didn't want to have to poke her extra if anything else needed to be done. They needed a urine sample so my little baby girl had to get a catheter. It was all very hard to watch, but thankfully, we were already past the 8 week mark so a spinal tap was not on the menu! They determined that she had a UTI (urinary tract infection)(!!!), gave her a dose of antibiotics and sent us home around 6:30, with the following two days worth of doses and a prescription in hand. We walked into the house as Benny was waking up, who, adorably enough, immediately asked where his Bella and went running to say hi to her!

The past few days have been a blur of exhaustion. Bella is doing much better, thank G-d! She is back to her bubbly, smiley self. I was even able to go to shul with her on Thursday, but I kept her in the stroller the whole time, keeping little fingers away.

And somehow, in all the heat, Benny managed to get a cold.

This morning, I am off to fill her prescription, get Benny a new pair of shoes, venture out into the sauna that is Brooklyn, maybe get a nice, iced coffee. And Shabbos could not be coming at a better time! :)

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"MRS" menucha said...

Oh my poor baby! How scary for you, I was just reading how uti's in babies can be easy to miss till their bad :( glad she's feeling better, hugs and kisses Bella!
Side note, hope you find something for Benny soon!