Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life in the City

Recently, I went to a good friend's wedding. Aside from my mother's graduation, this was the main reason we came out to NY so early. This girl was a fellow dorm girl in high school and we had an apartment together in Brooklyn a few years later. An awesome girl, awesome friend, all around awesomeness.

In general I enjoy weddings, although some more than others. Once in a while, I go to one that I rave about. This one was, by FAR, the best wedding I have ever been to! Benny was out with Shuky and Bella was home with Rochel. The wedding hall was a block away from my mom's house so I was able to run home to nurse when needed. The freedom contributed to the great mood I was in. I felt great about how I looked, so the confidence was a booster as well. Being that I knew both sides of the party (did I mention she married an awesome guy?) I got to see so many old friends. I left all my shyness at home and literally went around saying hi to EVERYONE!! Sat at a table full of friends, they were all drinking and I, being a nursing mom, got "drunk" vicariously through them. I was on the dance floor, a rare event. I shook my booty and just let loose! I had to be dragged out of there, did not want to leave!!

We also went to one of their Sheva Brachos, a bbq in someone's backyard. Turns out Shuky knew the hostess from way back in the day, the Florida day that is. And we knew basically everyone attending as well. We left Benny at my mother's house and took Bella with us. Another well-spent evening!

It's been a few weeks since we got here and things have settled around us quite nicely. Benny is in a daycare (with his girlfriend Shira, of course) and, though this is his first week, he seems to be enjoying it. I have been doing a ton of walking during the day, with Bella of course. Thankfully, she loves being in the stroller so it has been great! I have been doing my fair share of socializing as well. Going out with my mother, my sister, with Shuky, or even just me and the kiddos. Civilization is a beautiful thing. It's going to be bittersweet when it's time to go home. I'm sure I'll be ready for our own corner in Ames, but it will be hard to say goodbyes! But there's plenty of time until we face that so only happy thoughts right now!

Time for some updates on the laughs the kids give us.

Benny calls my mother Beh-beh, as opposed to the Bobbe (pronounce Buh-beh) it is supposed to be. And he is head over heels in love with her and Zaidy Chaim (he calls him Zaidy Haaa-yim). He has taken the concept of grandparents being the spoilers to the next level. He doesn't even wait for me to say no anymore, he goes straight to his Beh-beh and gets what he wants on the first try!

Bella forgot that she's only going to be 8 weeks as of tomorrow. She tries to sit up and stand even. I keep telling her to slow down but it's quite funny. She is also super smiley, thank G-d. A bubbly, happy baby with so much personality already!

Benny is getting somewhat antsy about getting his haircut. He keeps asking when it's his turn, he wants his birthday party already! Every time I tell him we are going to a party (and we've had a few to go to already), he wants to know if it's his. I'm hiding all the scissors in the house, no need for an early, self-cut hairstyle!

And now, I need to go get Benny from daycare and hear all about the fun he had. :)

Glad I got to steal a few minutes to get another post up. I love blogging and hate having such long periods between posts. You, my dear blog (and all those reading it), are my confidante. And what's a girl without a shoulder to lean on!?!

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