Friday, May 6, 2011

Here Today, Gone on Wednesday

Bella is four weeks old already. Today, she is actually one month old. Feels like I just left the hospital with her! We are slowly getting the hang of this two-kids thing. We should have it down by the time they graduate high school. Hopefully.

I'm still in Postville but Shuky is back already. He finished his finals yesterday and is done until the end of August. Which brings us to a close on our first year of school at Iowa State University. We survived! So proud of Shuky for making it through, regardless of the 'obstacles' thrown in his path. I can't imagine it was easy for him to deal with school, an energetic toddler, a hormonally-crazy pregnant wife, and a baby at the end of that tunnel!! Also factor in the time he had to take off for all of the above and then came Pesach, just in time to run back for finals. I don't think I could handle that, virtual hat tip to you, Shuky!!

Now we are working on getting ready for New York. Making sure current bills are taken care of, last minute doctor appointments seen to, mail needs to be forwarded, yada yada. Packing is under way. We are super psyched! Now I just have to find time to say goodbye to our local friends, we'll be gone for quite a while!

Btw, side note about me: currently working on my weight-loss goal for the summer. The plan is to get back to pre-any-kids weight. Wedding day weight is a pipe dream so I'm starting with something more realistic. I'm about halfway there. Already out of my maternity clothing for about two weeks. Feels good to have variety in my wardrobe again!! Been walking a lot, on the weather permitting days. Looking forward to a lot more walking in New York! Also been a bit more careful about what's going in my mouth, with the exception of a few much-needed treats here and there, including my morning coffee (read: sugar, milk, caffeine - in order of amount). Wish me luck!

Have a relaxing weekend and enjoyable shabbos. Next time you hear from me, I will most likely be in a different time zone! :)

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