Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crunchy Munchy

Pesach was great. It was so nice having everyone around, Benny was supremely excited to run wild with his cousins, like a caged animal set free! He was beyond obsessed with my oldest nephew Zalmy, who is six years old (!!!). I'm talking calling his name a million times just to say hi when Zalmy would finally respond. Throwing his arms around Zalmy's waist every chance he got. Forget about sitting next to him on the couch, he basically sat ON him! When it came to my youngest nephew, Yossi, they had somewhat of a love-hate relationship. They are exactly 5 months apart, to the day, so it was expected. I'm sure one day they'll be closer than ever, causing tons of trouble together! Shaina, my adorable niece, loved playing Mommy to him. Benny was usually more than happy to oblige. Unless Zalmy was available.

Bella had a great time as well, being passed around, sleeping on the couch with her uncles (sometimes when there was work to be done), spitting up all over her aunts, keeping her parents up at night. Basically, she did exactly what she was supposed to do!

Goodbyes were sad but it wasnt horrible, all of us 'kids' are getting back together to celebrate my mother's graduation, in two weeks, in New York!! So proud of my mother!!!!

I decided to let Shuky go back to Ames alone, stuck around with the kids at my dad's house. Few reasons why, first being the state of the house and the amount of extra work my dad would be left with. Another reason was to give Shuky a real chance to successfully catch up on the last few weeks of school work (considering how much he missed between Bella's birth and Pesach) and do well on his finals, which start on Monday.

Of course, as soon as I volunteer to stay behind, both kids decide to get sick. Benny has a cold and cough with a mild fever, Bella is just super congested. The kids are tag teaming through the nights here. One wakes up crying, I finally calm him/her down, seconds later there are wails coming from the other side of the room. It's been fun! I'm getting through the housework dung the day, just a bit slower than anicipated. No big deal. I've got time.

And now is my current five minutes of quiet so I'm gonna go enjoy it. Quickly. I already hear Bella stirring.

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