Friday, June 17, 2011

A New Day Has Come

Yesterday, both of us were up early, as were both kids. Shuky asked me out on a breakfast date. We left the kids with my mom (love that I can do that!!) and ran a few blocks away to the bagel shop and had a nice, quiet breakfast. Got myself a huge iced coffee. It was so nice!!

Somehow, the rest of the day was great too! Benny was extremely well behaved. Later, I went with my brother, mother, and my kiddos to an outdoor shopping strip. Got a few nice things for myself at Old Navy, got a few cute things for Bella at Marshalls (I truly love finding steals!!), Benny was still behaving nicely! The rest of the day went pretty well. Bath and bed time went quite smoothly. Benny got a new book that I ordered a while back, he loved it! It was about a little boy who is very quiet during the day and becomes a superhero when the clock hits midnight, called Eliot Jones, Midnight Superhero. Very cute book!!

Today was not quite as smooth, but all things considering, not too bad.

Have a good shabbos to one and all, enjoy your weekend!

PS I can't believe my baby is already two and a half months old!!!!

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