Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sleepless in Ames

With my previous pregnancy, I didn't really have many cravings. I ate things that I would not normally be crazy about, but I can't remember a whole lot of 'I need it now!' The only one I can remember was sending Shuky down to the kitchen at two in the morning to make me a peanut butter and chocolate spread sandwich. And, to be honest, I would eat that while not pregnant as well.

This past week, I have been having a very serious craving. The funny thing is, it's not something I can soothe. I am craving food from Orange Delight & Grill in Sherman Oaks, California. Any hamburger would not suffice. It needs to be theirs. Last night I barely slept. Tossing and turning, thinking about their food. I'm not lying. I'm not exaggerating. I'm ready to get on the plane. If not for my recent New York trip or the fact that we're going to Miami for Thanksgiving week, trust me on this one, there would be tickets booked by the end of the night! Anyone else out there crave anything so specific??

As the nausea slowly lifts, I am eating a little bit better and I think I'm starting to look pregnant as opposed to fat. Which is always a good thing. I found myself telling random people I was pregnant when I thought I looked particularly lumpy lately! So I'm glad it's starting to look like a baby bump!

Recently, I ordered a pair of boots from Famous Footwear. When they came, I absolutely hated them. Aside from the fact that they came dirty (!!!), they were such an unflattering fit! Needless to say, they were going back. So we packed into the car today and headed to Des Moines. I didn't find a new pair but we met up with the Feeleys at the mall and had some fun shopping. I finally used my Groupon for Gap that I got a few months back ($25 for $50 worth of merchandise) on some great things for Benny. Got him an adorable vest, some cute tshirts, and his favorite - a dinosaur winter hat. He wore it out of the store and went clomping around the mall. "I a dinosaur!" When we got home, he wouldn't take it off until I forced it off his head for dinner! He is obsessed with Dinosaur Train (a great show on PBS) so this was to be expected.

Quick rant: Why does my (and probably every) two year old feel the need to figure out all the electronics in the house and constantly make that known? He figures out everything! It's gotten to the point where we have everything on power strips that we can easily switch off when we want things left alone. Argh!!!

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