Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Service Unto Others, Part Duex

Back in February, I put out a list of the regular mama sites I visit to find great products at even greater prices. My day usually starts with checking this list!

Some require membership (always free, never join a site that has a sign-up fee), some don't. Both types are worth checking!

I hope this is as helpful to everyone out there as it is to me!!
(I pulled some of this list right off my old post, after double checking that each link is still a functioning site!)
My advice to you, though, is to check shipping rates before getting too excited. Sometimes, they really hike up those rates and at the end of the day, you're better off scouring Amazon or the likes!

These are daily deal sites. Every day brings you a new treat! - updated every night at midnight EST - updated daily at 9 am MST - same deal as above, sister sites!
( - another site of theirs for any crafty folk!) - updated daily at 9 am EST - updated at 12 pm EST, Monday through Fri -not always baby products but they have great stuff with great prices!! They tend to have up to five items listed daily! Updated daily at midnight PST - updated as soon as each product sells out!

The following are flash sale sites, not daily deals. They usually have weekly schedules to show the round up. If you are watchful, you can find great swag at unbeatable prices. - more household items but they do have kids products sometimes (let me know if you want an invite to the site!) - a handful of everything, from home to mom/dad/baby - This flash site is for 'mom, baby, and child' -Has a bar across the top to help you choose which department you want to see sales from. They have great weekend blowout sales, easy to score major deals on gorgeous clothing! - my personal favorite flash sale site, a little bit of everything for everyone: mom, dad, kids, home, even traveling! Very often puts up amazing stroller deals. Definitely the best site to check on an EXTREMELY regular basis! If you're a traveler with not such a limited budget, they have a section of their site called Jetsetter where they offer extravagant hotel deals around the world. - BTrendie recently was bought out by them and is now a part of their site. Credits on either account should have been merged. Baby and toddler products with the occasional mom deal. - Same as above, mostly baby and toddler deals with the occasional mom deal. I have noticed stroller companies like Inglesina and I'Coo frequent this site! 

Now, if you're an online shopper, as I usually prefer to be. There are ways to save money on regular sites. I personally use Ebates, for cash back on each purchase! Browse through their available stores (most are on there!) and click through their site to get a percentage back on your purchase. I recently did some winter online shopping. Old Navy was offering 8% and Famous Footwear was offering 9%. It worked out very well! 

Well, there it is. My list of scrimping and saving. My way of surviving as a 'college wife'. I hope this is as helpful for you as it is for me!

And, just a reminder to all my friends out there, I do baby product consultations. If there's something you're looking for, I'll help you figure out the right thing for you in your price range! And luckily for you guys, I'm still not charging yet! Hop on the train before I start!! :)


Yocheved J said...

I have found amazing deals on! It's a site that has one deal an hour and as the hour passes the prices drop. I bought an amazing crib sheet set that retails for $140 for only $22.70! Check it out!

Chani M said...

Thank you! I was actually trying to remember that website as I wrote this!! I've seen amazing deals there!