Monday, November 15, 2010

He Needs To Know

Been feeling pretty 'blah' these past few days. I'm going to Des Moines for a project date with the Feeley boys today and I'm pretty excited to be getting out!

Originally, Shuky and I decided to keep Benny on a need-to-know basis about the pregnancy. Judging by the way Benny behaved with Baby Essie (Slater) and his level of rough-housing with me (specifically my midsection!), we decided it was time to start talking baby with Benny. So, we all sat down together to discuss it. We told him that there's a baby in Mommy's tummy. His response was: "Baby Moshe (Feeley) in your belly button!?!?!?!"
"No, Benny. It's not Baby Moshe!"
"Baby Essie in there???"
"Nope, kid. Not Baby Essie either! It's our OWN baby!"
Apparently, he was a lot more excited at the prospect of getting a Baby Moshe or Baby Essie. Was very cute!

The following day, without talking about it, I pointed to my stomach and asked if he remembered what was in there. He did. :) He started rubbing my tummy, saying, "Hi baby! How are you today?" The next day he came to sing the ABC's to the baby. Of course, like his father, he believes that my belly button is the intercom system so he talks directly into it!

When he gets too wild and I remind him, he 'makes nice' to my stomach, accompanied with, "I sorry baby!"

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