Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Walking on Sunshine

Our Florida trip was probably the best we've had since Benny was born. Before he came into our lives, the trips had an extremely different dynamic (obviously), thereby making them incomparable! This trip just went as smooth as a baby's butt (???). [I'm really tired so excuse the weirdness coming out of me!] We saw basically everyone we wanted to see and more!

Shuky's brother gave us his oceanside apartment for a night so we even got our little getaway we are always looking for. Granted, Benny joined us, but such is the life of a parent! He went to sleep pretty quickly, and I fell asleep right after he did! It's fun being pregnant!! The morning was really what made the experience. The apartment is a penthouse apartment so think amazing views, total relaxation. We had breakfast in pjs on the balcony. Then we threw on our bathing suits and walked across the street to the beach. Sat for a nice little while, playing in the waves (until Benny got thrown in the air from a huge one), drawing letters in the sand (only my boys would draw letters instead of building sand castles), burying Mommy's feet (amazing exfoliation trick).

Both in and out, we had crazy flight hours. As long as Shuky is traveling with me, I completely prefer that to daytime traveling! Benny was tired and slept alot on the flights and it didn't completely screw with his schedule. The airports weren't extremely congested yet so security was a breeze. Completely through in under five minutes, with a car seat and stroller in tow!

The rededication (renewal of vows) that we went out for was beautiful. It was great seeing all the family and the words shared were total tear jerkers. Benny had a ball dancing with all his aunts and uncles. The ceremony was hard for him to stay quiet through. He kept getting excited at all the planes passing by overhead. And yelling to point them out, of course. But it was just an extremely memorable evening. Great to see a love like that between two people. After 30 years of marriage, they are only stronger than before! May we all have love like that in our lives, whether it's the first try or the third!

As I write, I am chugging gallons of water down. About to go in for my 20 week ultrasound. Tomorrow will be my 21 week mark but we were in Florida so today it is. It happens to be that with this pregnancy, I have been drinking A LOT of water so this should be no biggie for me. I go through a 24 pack of water bottles at least once a week, if not more. Now that it's required, I'm obviously dreading it. And I need to pee already, not even halfway through my first bottle. It's going to be a long hour.

Gotta finish getting dressed now, just wanted to write while I had the quiet (Benny has a video on).

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