Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm That Neighbor!

Our upstairs neighbors (cute, single college girls) have a tendency of really enjoying their weekends. Normally it's just music, it usually ends around two in the morning, at the latest! Nothing that keeps me up at night.

Last night, they had at least 30 people in their apartment, running around, screaming, drunkenly throwing/dropping things. Until 3:45. In the morning. I was up the whole time, as was Benny. At around 11, Shuky went up there and asked them nicely to tone it down. They, of course, profusely apologized and promised to be quieter. Obviously, they only got louder!

Aside from the music and noise of their movement, this group of people must have all had bad bladders. Literally every ten seconds the toilet was being flushed. And, for some reason, any time they flush their toilet, it sounds like a hurricane in our bedroom!

Shuky had to stop me from going up there. I was not feeling like a nice person and it would not have been a friendly visit.

Today, I went up there (not at 7 like I wanted to...) to talk to them. After I had coffee, needless to say. I was nice and explained the frustration we were feeling. We talked. They were extremely grateful that we hadn't chosen to call the police on them (I'm assuming that has happened with previous neighbors), or the building management. I told them I really didn't want it to get to the point where I would feel that was a necessary move!

Keep your fingers and toes crossed that this has some sort of effect on tonight!!! I really would like a good night's sleep, for me and for our guests!!


105lessofme said...

good for you for not calling the cops! I would have!!

Chani M said...

Honestly, the thought never entered my mind even! I just wanted to go beat the living daylights out of them! :)
In my experience, it's never wise to irritate an already hard to deal with pregnant woman!!