Tuesday, October 26, 2010

**Knock, knock** Anyone In There??

I know. It happens every time. I start out with the sincere apologies, promise to be better. It never happens. I guess at this point in my life, my blog is not fated to be updated daily. I will, though, try for more often than once a month!! No guarantees.

So, New York was hard but amazing. Benny was completely pulled out of his element and decided to have a ball with that. And by that I mean torture me. I'm talking no bedtime. Endless amounts of tantrums. Demanding he have what he wants. And, of course, still getting up early, asking for "dinner" (still trying to explain to him that the morning meal is breakfast and dinner is at night!). He was the king of the nest, and treated as such by family and friends. Therefor, he expected the same treatment from me! Guess what kid, it ain't happening! We didn't see everyone we wanted to see but it happens. Next time, hopefully, Shuky will be with me and it will be easier. I can make solid plans instead of a lot of tentatives!

We've been back for almost a week now. Still not back on schedule. He was sick when we came back, just a cold and cough. He got better over the weekend. Came back with a vengeance on Sunday afternoon. We are still dealing with it. At this point, because of all the coughing, he sounds like a squeaky little girl. Make that a whiny, squeaky little girl. And he doesn't let go of me. And, unless he is in the bath, he is in mega kvetch mode!

Today, to distract him, we did some sticker projects. He LOVED it! So tonight, at WalMart, I restocked our art supply, have a few fun projects in mind for the next few weeks. Hopefully we get to them!

And the best news of the week, we are going to Miami for Thanksgiving week! Shuky has the whole week off from school so we are going out Sunday afternoon for wedding vow renewals by his cousins (can't wait!!) and coming home Friday morning. It will be very nice to have the entire family on vacation! The last time we were in Florida was for my mother-in-law's wedding. Benny was about six months old, I believe. It will be nice for him to see the family, nice for everyone to be able to see the character he has become! Here's to hoping this trip is more successful with him!

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